July 7, 2019
'The Bachelorette's' Connor Saeli Gives His Take On This Season's Villain, Luke Parker

On last weeks episode of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown sent one of the contestants, Connor Saeli, home. She claimed that there were other relationships that she was in that were just stronger and had progressed further than things with Saeli. Heartbroken, Saeli headed home. Now that he has had time to reflect on the process, he's identified a few factors that he thinks affected his time on the show. Fellow contestant Luke Parker proved to be a major distraction, according to People.

From the very beginning, it was clear that Parker and Brown had a connection. But it was his over-confident personality and aggression that caused the other men in the house not to like him. Parker made it clear from the beginning that he would allow nothing to get in the way of his pursuit of Brown. He even resorted to throwing some of the other men under the bus in what they perceived to be an apparent attempt to make himself seem more appealing in Brown's eyes. The drama and tension between Parker and the rest of the men persisted through weeks, despite the fact that she begged the men to re-center their attention back on her and allow her to make her own decisions.

In a recent interview, Saeli gave his take on Parker, and explained why he feels like Parker's presence kept Brown from getting to know the other men as well. He emphasized that he didn't feel like the show was really the best environment for someone like Parker, considering how intense his emotions got throughout the show.
"So much of the conversation, the whole season, was about him. It was very frustrating for all of us. It definitely affected Hannah's ability to focus on some of the other relationships. I don't think [Brown] was actually able to get to know us as well as she probably would have hoped to. So much attention was focused on Luke."
Despite the fact that he's certainly not Parker's biggest fan, Saeli said that he doesn't feel like he's necessarily a bad guy.

"The guy just has some character flaws that came out during the show. It's unfortunate but I hope he uses this as a learning experience," he said.

Connor and Brown had really connected during his first one-on-one date. Nevertheless, as the season continued, he didn't stand out as much as the other men or get as much airtime.