July 7, 2019
Carrie Underwood's Tight Jeans Knock Instagram Dead: 'Dang, Them Legs'

Carrie Underwood's sizzling body is once again proving a talking point. The Cry Pretty singer updated her Instagram earlier today from a live performance in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Carrie's triple update included two pictures of fan crowds, but the first focused on Carrie belting out a number.

The 36-year-old's opening image showed her in an outfit that seemed both sexy and comfortable. The mother of two had opted for a loose tank top and tight jeans paired with chunky heeled boots. Carrie had been photographed with a mic in her hand and one leg slightly raised – while Carrie wasn't posing for the shot, she still managed to send out her killer physique. Fans could see the American Idol winner's shapely silhouette, toned arms, and overall fit body. Likewise showcased were the star's signature blonde locks.

Fan comments have been pouring in.

"This outfit is a LOOK," one fan wrote.

"Dang, them legs" was another comment.

"These jeans!" saw one user hone in on the star's pants.

Countless other fans left praise for the singer's musical talents and fashion sense. Many of the users responding appeared to have attended Carrie's recent performances – Carrie has been on tour of late. Remarks about this music face's jeans did, however, manifest throughout the comments section.

"We are all crushing on your jeans and boots..details please?" one fan asked.

This isn't the first time Carrie's outfit has turned heads. As The Inquisitr reported last month, a picture of Carrie in Daisy Dukes generated endless comments over the star's legs. While having a super-fit body is nothing novel in the world of entertainment, looking so good as a new mother is a headline-maker. Carrie and her husband Mike Fisher welcomed their son Jacob in January.

While many fans might see straight-up perfection in their favorite country singer, Carrie has opened up on the challenges of pinging back into her pre-baby body. Speaking to Today, the singer referenced her previous pregnancy with first-born son Isaiah.
"The first time around, with Isaiah, it was easier for me to (get back in shape). I think that's just the way of it. So you kind of have unrealistic expectations about the second time — 'It's going to be just like the first time. And it wasn't. And I'm like, 'What is happening? What am I doing wrong?'"
Carrie then revealed that she felt her "expectations" were too high.

Carrie's update yesterday proved popular. It racked up over 60,000 likes. Fans wishing to see more of Carrie should follow her Instagram.