Evil Dead 4 Is Going To Written This Summer

While the remake for Evil Dead is hitting theaters in just a few weeks, it appears that Sam Raimi is also going to be writing Evil Dead 4 this summer. Now the big questions is whether or not this movie would be a continuation to the storyline that occurred in Army of Darkness or something completely different.

The initial reports of this fourth installment of the original series surfaced at an event that Raimi was attending to promote Oz:The Great and Powerful. Raimi has become pretty immune to the smattering of questions he gets wherever he goes about whether or not he would ever make another sequel to his cult hit franchise.

Most of the time, the director and producer tends to answer in the negative, but according to IGN.com he dropped a bit of a bombshell this time saying:

“I would love to make Evil Dead 4. My brother and I plan to work on the script this summer.”

Sam Raimi is most likely talking about working with his brother Ivan Raimi, who has worked on him in other projects including Army of Darkness. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this news is that it would conceivably be the first time that Hollywood has rebooted a series while also be getting ready to work on another sequel to the old version of a movie.

The fact that Evil Dead 4 will be following the new Evil Dead so closely even has some people wondering if the movie that is due out in April is actually a reboot at all. Cinemablend has even floated the idea that Evil Dead 4 could find a way to sort of tie the two series together in a neat bow.

Perhaps Bruce Campbell makes a reappearance in the film the Raimi’s are about to write, with allusions to the move launching this spring? That scenario seems far more likely than it did yesterday.

Will Evil Dead 4 be a way for Sam Raimi to tie everything together, or will it largely ignore the reboot?