July 7, 2019
Miley Cyrus's Latex Groping Sparks Worry: 'She Needs Mental Help'

Miley Cyrus' latest Instagram update is causing concern. The SHE IS COMING singer has spent most of this month filling her social media with promotional content for her 2019-released "Mother's Daughter" track. The song's music video sees the 26-year-old in a red latex bodysuit. Alongside the highly sexual body language seen in the video, the glossy outfit formed the basis for Miley's July 6 update.

The Inquisitr documented the "[groping]" nature of Miley's snap yesterday. Since the report, fans have had the chance to respond to what they were seeing.

"You changed I remember watching Hannah Montana your show and I loved it and I loved you what happened why you Chang's [sic] this isn't u," one fan wrote with cry-face emojis.

Their comment received over 180 likes. Another user appeared to be expressing straight-up concern for the star.

"She needs mental help," they wrote.

"Yup," saw a user agreeing with the words.

Response to Miley's music video has been mixed. Likewise, response to the social media updates promoting it. While "Mother's Daughter" includes acceptance-based themes that have generated praise, the explicit nature of the video has raised a few eyebrows. Miley is seen grabbing her crotch and chest in the video – her red bodysuit also comes with bullet-like studding around the nether regions.

While many fans gave Miley's Instagram picture the thumbs-up, a considerable number seemed to be expressing either worry or disapproval.

"Inappropriate there are kids on this app," one fan wrote.

Miley being called "desperate for attention" also manifested amid responses.

This isn't the first time Miley's updates have proven ill-received. The Inquisitr has documented negative responses to a "Mother's Daughter" picture of Miley grabbing her crotch.

"It s [sic] crazy how she became completely crazy and vulgar" was a popular comment to the snap.

Miley's July 6 update didn't exclusively appear to be slammed. Fans did come out by the masses to voice their support. Many quoted lyrics from the song. Miley was also compared to singer Britney Spears – the Toxic star donned a similar red latex look for a 2000 music video.

Miley does, indeed, seem to have changed since her Hannah Montana days. The teen icon image has been shed and replaced with a womanly vibe. Freedom of expression seems to rank highly for Miley – that includes expressing her sexuality. That said, this superstar largely seems to generate a sense of positivity and empowerment. Clearly for some fans though, the singer's latest Instagram update has resulted in some worry.

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