Serena Williams Snaps Tiger Woods’ Picture, Hilarity Ensues [VIDEO]

Serena Williams tries to photograph Tiger Woods

When tennis legend Serena Williams attended the Honda Classic today, she took out her candy pink cell phone to snap a photograph of equally legendary Tiger Woods. Oops. As Glenn Davis for Sports Grid reminded us, golfers just hate it when you do that. A security worker more or less put his hand on Williams’ phone to block her shot.

The temperamental Williams might still be fuming. She tweeted four times about it, including the one low quality photograph, allegedly of Tiger, that she managed to snap before she was stopped.

All golfers dislike distractions like cheering or flashing cameras, but Tiger Woods is especially well-known for his temper. Nancy Armour for The Huffington Post described his famous tantrum at the prestigious 2012 Masters:

“As his game melted down, so did he. He cursed the bad shots or took mock swings in anger – sometimes doing both. He hung his head or looked skyward with exasperation after the missed putts. He flipped clubs and, after that poor tee shot on 16, booted his 9-iron about 15 yards.”

At today’s Honda Classic, Ryan Reiterman for Golf reported that Tiger Woods was again struggling. At one point, he hit the ball into the water. “”I didn’t hit the ball very good today,” he told Reiterman. He did make the cut — barely.

The golf course staff was probably wise to assume that Woods was in no mood to tolerate the paparazzi — even if the photographer was Serena Williams herself, according to Biography the winner of 15 Grand Slam singles titles, 13 Grand Slam doubles titles, and even four Olympic gold medals.


A video of the guard blocking Williams from taking her photo was posted by on You Tube by William Finnegan:

Serena Williams goes from delighted to disappointed in an instant. Do you think Tiger Woods or the staff should have allowed her to take the pictures?