July 7, 2019
Joe Biden Crushes Donald Trump In New 'ABC News' Head-To-Head Poll, Trump Facing 'Range Of Reelection Risks'

While former United States Vice President Joe Biden has taken a dive in the Democratic primary polls since his shaky performance in the June 27 candidates' debate, as The Inquisitr reported, his lead against Donald Trump remains substantial, as a new poll released late on Saturday revealed.

The new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Biden ahead of Trump by a commanding 10-point margin in a survey of registered voters. However, when the question was asked of all adults, including those who have not yet registered, Biden's lead expands to a seemingly insurmountable 14 points.

Among registered voters, only two other Democratic candidates currently hold leads over Trump, according to the ABC/WaPo findings. California Sen. Kamala Harris leads Trump by two points, 48-46, and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders holds a slim, one-point edge over Trump in the poll, 49-48. Biden is the only candidate who receives support from a majority of registered voters, with 53 percent saying that they would vote for the six-term U.S. senator from Delaware. Trump only has 43 percent of the vote in the one-on-one matchup.

The ABC/WaPo poll is basically consistent with the average of all head-to-head, Trump vs. Biden polls, as compiled by Real Clear Politics. In the RCP polling average, Biden leads Trump by 8.9 points, 49.7 to 40.8 percent support.

Trump faces "a range of reelection risks" and "remains broadly unpopular," rendering him vulnerable to defeat in the 2020 election, according to an executive summary by polling firm Langer Research, which conducted the poll.

Getty Images | Joshua Lott

The ABC/WaPo poll also has Trump setting a personal record in his approval rating, at least as recorded in that one, specific poll. Trump is at 44 percent approval, the highest mark of his term. That number is somewhat higher than the FiveThirtyEight.com polling average, which, as of Saturday, put Trump at 42.3 percent, a number no more than a few points off of his average throughout his term. Trump's high of 44.5 came on February 17, 2017, less than a month after his inauguration.

Despite the approval rating that tops his overall average, the ABC/WaPo poll contains numerous danger signs for Trump's reelection hopes. Perhaps most important, the poll found a full 48 percent of adults and 46 percent of registered voters saying that there is "no chance" they would consider voting for Trump against any Democratic candidate — no matter who wins the party's nomination. With nearly half of voters already made up their minds to vote against him no matter what, Trump would face a nearly impossible task converting enough of those who have not yet made up their minds to give him a victory.

A significant "intensity gap" also emerged from the ABC/WaPo poll. Among voters who describe themselves as supporters of Trump, a little more than half — 52 percent — rated reelecting Trump to be "extremely important." Among supporters of Democratic candidates, however, 73 percent — nearly three of every four — said that it was "extremely important" that Trump loses the 2020 presidential election.