Heidi Klum Leaves Paris Behind As The Engaged Model-Mogul Heads For Tokyo With Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Klum really did up Paris this past week. The stunning fashion icon was on vacation for most of the trip. However, she was also working in the City of Light, shooting aspects of Making The Cut, their Amazon Prime program set to drop in 2020, according to The Inquisitr.

While in France, the holiday part of the trip for this supermodel-mogul meant taking in the highlights with Klum's loved ones.

For starters, Heidi and her fiancé, Tom Kaulitz, were privy to a serious view of the iconic Louvre from the terrace of the luxury Peninsula Paris. This vantage point meant private moments, like a romantic kiss between Heidi and Tom, could be shared in the shadow of the legendary museum's picturesque pyramid.

Heidi did enter the hallowed halls of the time-honored Louvre and was even able to introduce her kids, Lou and Henry, to the Mona Lisa. They smiled at her and she sort of smiled back.

Another must-do on any Paris adventure is to see and experience the Eiffel Tower. Heidi and crew were able to witness the storied monument from many angles and at many times of the day and night.

Heidi's time off in Paris wasn't only spent going to areas tourists typically list on their bucket lists. The 46-year-old celebrity and her 29-year-old Tokio Hotel rocker beau took on the Rue Saint-Honoré, known as a high-end shopper's paradise. Their black-and-white dog was their most stunning accessory as the couple toured the area, likely buying something of consequence or even of inconsequence.

Heidi's Paris experiences with and without her family have been shared on her Instagram account. She and her family even managed to get out of the city center for a bit. The four visited Disneyland Paris, located about a half hour's drive from Paris proper.Heidi, Tom, Lou, and Henry definitely have a lot to remember about Paris in the summer of 2019, when the whole clan had been able to experience the City of Light in on so many days in so many ways.

In fact, it was probably tough for Heidi to say au revoir to the French capital, but it was time to say kon'nichiwa to the Japanese capital for this highly-engaged mogul. Anyone who has been following along on Instagram as Klum goes from one place to another will know that she was in first class on a Lufthansa flight headed to Tokyo less than a day ago.

Indeed, Heidi's most recent social media post showed this lanky German accompanied by her hunky fiancé, also German, as the two enjoyed a traditional noodle bowl. This Japanese grub gives serious nutrition and energy to visitors who are obviously eager to take on Tokyo like they did Paris last week.Follow Heidi Klum on Instagram to see what she up to in Japan and where she's off to next.