Alleged 'Second Defendant' In Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Case 'Could' Be Revealed Monday, Reporter Says

Jonathan Vankin

Following the arrest of billionaire investor Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges at a New Jersey airport on Saturday, a new report indicates that there may be a "second defendant" in the case, and that person's identity could be unveiled as early as Monday.

The possibility that the sordid case may not end with Epstein was raised by New York Magazine contributor Yashar Ali, who reported, via his Twitter account, that a former federal prosecutor noted some "unusual" aspects of Epstein's arrest that could indicate that more to the story is yet be revealed.

The 66-year-old Epstein has been a friend of both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, as The Inquisitr reported. But as of Saturday evening, there was no indication that either Trump or Clinton are connected to the current case against Epstein.

According to Ali's report on Twitter, his sources noted three unusual aspects of Epstein's arrest, including that it took place on a Saturday, and that the indictments against Epstein are currently sealed and are not set to be opened until Monday, July 8. The third and perhaps most significant "unusual" aspect of the arrest is that it will reportedly be handled not by sex crimes prosecutors, but by the Southern District of New York Public Corruption Unit.

Trump and Clinton are not the only familiar public figures who have been connected to Epstein. Britain's Prince Andrew, second son of Queen Elizabeth II and younger brother of Prince Charles, has also been "friendly" with Epstein, according to The New York Times.

High profile defense attorney Alan Dershowitz, who has been one of Trump's most outspoken defenders against the Russia investigation conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller, has also been connected to Epstein. In a civil lawsuit, Dershowitz was accused by Virginia Roberts Giuffre of raping her when she was a minor, after Epstein allegedly ordered her to engage in sexual relations with Dershowitz.

Dershowitz strongly denies the accusation and has filed multiple bar association complaints against David Boies, the lawyer who represents Giuffre, according to The Miami Herald.

All of the bar complaints against Boies have been dismissed.

In a 2016 lawsuit, a woman identified only by the pseudonym "Jane Doe" accused Trump of raping her at a party thrown by Epstein in 1994, but the accuser dropped her lawsuit on November 4, 2016, The Daily Beast reported, four days before the presidential election won by Trump.