Christina Milian Rocks White Bikini & Mesh Skirt To Celebrate 5 Million Followers

Christina Milian wears a white dress.
Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Christina Milian is enjoying an Instagram milestone as she reached 5 million followers. She gave a shoutout to her fans, as she shared a photo of herself rocking a white bikini and a mesh coverup skirt. The top had one strap, while the bottoms were a classic bikini cut. Her mesh skirt was the perfect coverup for the outfit, as it was made of mesh with a thick, white band at the waist. Christina’s chiseled bod was visible still, as she leaned against a wooden fence and placed her left hand on her hips. Her accessories complemented her outfit well, including two, very long necklaces and a bracelet. Milian’s hair was slicked back, and she posted three iterations of the photo, which was geo-tagged at Corsica.

It certainly looks like Christina is enjoying her time there, as she shared another IGTV post that was of her going diving in the water. She shared that she swam with hundreds of fish, while the video showed her going underwater in slo-mo. The water was a beautiful, clear blue, and it’s not hard to see why she’s been having such a great time. While the video was posted yesterday, it’s already garnered over 452,000 views.

Fans who have been keeping up with Milian already knew about her trip to France because she shared a photo from a plane five days ago. The Instagram pic showed Christina hanging out in a tan chair, wearing a tie-dye top and black leggings. She wore a pair of black aviators and smiled widely.

While Christina has been busy focusing on her entrepreneurial pursuits lately, she opened up previously to Ambient Light Blog about her musical career. In particular, she talked about how her docuseries, Christina Milian Turned Up, helped her connect with her fans.

“I’ve always been a singer, an actress, songwriter; I’ve always done a lot of different things and then I believe that you can even go beyond that! You know I’ve been raised like if you wanna do something, go for it and be your very best at it! Many times in the beginning of my career I had ideas and I wanted to do things, and then people would tell me I couldn’t do it…”

Milian then shared some advice for her fans, which she had to learn herself the hard way.


“I would watch somebody a year later or two years later do the same exact thing! So I was like, you know what, I can’t let people stop me from what I was doing, you know pursuing my dreams and having it like go by all these rules.”