‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Annaliese Puccini Dons Black Bikini

Annaliese Puccini wears a tan jacket.
Jesse Grant / Getty Images

Annaliese Puccini didn’t find love during Arie’s season of The Bachelor, and she returned to the screen last summer for Bachelor in Paradise. However, the love interest she thought she was working on with Kamil Nicalek took a turn for the ugly when he unexpectedly broke up with her on live TV. Annaliese was blindsided by this, alongside the rest of the cast. Fans showered the reality star with tons of encouragement after the fact, and FanSided reported that the cast from BiP was not speaking to Kamil around the time of the breakup.

Whatever the case, Annaliese’s fans can get excited again, as Cosmopolitan says that she’ll be a part of this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise. Another girl from Arie’s season that is expected to return to find love, is Bibiana Julian. We’ll have to wait and see if both or either of the women will finally meet the man of their dreams.

And in the meantime, Puccini is keeping things rolling on her personal Instagram account with a string of new swimsuit pics. The newest update was from today, and the photo showed her emerging from beautiful blue waters. She wore a low cut black bikini and was photographed from afar.

Another update from four days ago showed Annaliese at Lake Tahoe. She was clearly enjoying the sun, as she wore a white bikini with black sharks on them. She wore her hair down and smiled widely for the camera.

No doubt she spent plenty of time hanging out in bikinis during Paradise, and she’s looking super fit and toned.

Hopefully, Puccini has better luck at Paradise this year, although fans will have to wait a while longer before the season debuts on Monday, August 5. ABC also added that the second week of the show will kick off episodes on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm EDT.

And as far as what she’s looking for? That’s something Annaliese talked about with Glamour previously. Although she may have thought at the time that she wanted to fall for Arie, the qualities she discusses are likely still relevant.

“I like somebody that has a creative flair and is appreciative of my creative self. Someone who is not rolling his eyes when I’m making a mask to go with my dress. I definitely want somebody who appreciates it, but balances me out.”


The TV star also added that there are some non-negotiable qualities that she looks for.

“But as I get older, there are certain things that I can compromise on. I definitely want kids, so if somebody didn’t want kids, I think that would be a hard thing for me to stay in a relationship. And my last serious relationship was lacking the physical connection…”