Twitter Outraged After Walmart Customer Gargles Listerine Before Spitting Into Container

J.D. PooleyGetty Images

It was on July 3 that a Twitter user by the name of Bameron Nicole Smith shared a short video clip containing NSFW language that sent users on the social media platform into a frenzy.

The video clip, which has since gone viral, features the Twitter user wandering down the oral care aisle of a Walmart and saying, “Girl, it has been one musty f***ing morning.”

Smith pulls a blue bottle of Listerine off the shelf, pops it open, takes a drink, gargles it, and then spits it back into the container.

“Mmm, nice and minty and fresh. Thank you guys,” Smith adds before placing the bottle back on the shelf and wandering off as the video ends.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, many of those who have responded to the Twitter post is having a hard time believing the video was real as the bottle appeared to open without needing to break a safety seal first.

This video comes just a week after separate footage surfaced of a teenager opening a container of ice cream at a Walmart in Texas before licking the top of the lid and placing it back in the freezer. According to The Inquisitr, the police recently identified the teenager who could be facing years in jail for her actions.

Some who have responded to the Listerine video have referenced the ice cream licking teenager and hoped the same results would come for Smith.

Yahoo LifeStyle notes that Smith appears to be enjoying the attention the Listerine video has acquired after being viewed more than 17 million times. The video has also accumulated over 7,000 retweets, over 22,000 likes, and over 13,000 comments.

A day later, Bameron posted a photo posing with a bottle of Listerine while thanking Twitter for the 11 million views the video had accumulated at the time. Smith also posted a photo with receipts seemingly confirming the mouthwash was purchased prior to making the video.

While Yahoo LifeStyle believes the video was nothing more than an attention seeking stunt piggy backing on the ice cream licking teenager, many Twitter users were not amused.

A Twitter user named Ross noted it was painfully obvious that the video was staged. Ross slammed Smith for making the video before hoping Smith gets slapped with criminal charges regardless of it being a hoax.

Some Twitter users even started tagging police department social media accounts hoping law enforcement would take action against Smith.

A few Twitter users also took issue with the fact that children somewhere were going to see the video and think it really happened.