‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Demi Burnett Plays In The Pool & Shows Off Makeup-Free Face

Demi Burnett burst onto the scene of The Bachelor and left a strong impression. Perhaps it was her larger-than-life personality, or her unabashed interest in Colton Underwood. Whatever the case, even though she went home without finding love, fans can look forward to watching her on this summer’s season of Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers are already leaking about the season, and so far, fans have found out that Demi is bisexual, and is part of the first lesbian girl couple on the franchise.

Whatever happens at Paradise is still up in the air, however. And as cast members are not allowed to share any details, fans can only wait and see what happens. With that being said, Demi is still keeping people updated on her daily life after returning from filming. Her two posts since sharing her cast shot of Paradise have been noticeably different than her posts from before she left for filming.

It looks like she’s either toned down or is rocking a completely makeup-free face. The first Instagram post showed her face, but much of it was obscured by sunglasses. It was possible to see that she wore little-to-no eye makeup, and maybe a light color for her lips.


The newest post, on the other hand, showed Burnett with what looks like zero makeup. And it actually helped to show off her amazing features, as she has great skin. Her light blue eyes popped too, and she wore her hair slicked back. The TV star was spotted with most of her body submerged in the water, and she wore a striped bikini.

The boisterous Demi previously opened up to Vulture about some of her experiences on The Bachelor. And predictably, she had some blunt and funny observations about the experience.

“Everybody acts like they’re there for the right reasons, but nobody is there for the right reasons. It’s bullsh*t. I wasn’t thrilled about it being Coco. I wasn’t sure if he would be ready, because he’d just gotten out of a relationship with Tia and then Becca.”

Burnett’s observation that Colton might not have been ready to find love was one that was echoed by many Bachelor fans before the season aired. However, in retrospect, it seemed to have all worked out for Underwood.

“It seemed a little messy. I was really surprised by how much I started liking him towards the end of it. But now we’re definitely homies. That’s all we were meant to be.”