‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Bobbie’s Possible Medical Crisis At ‘Friz’ Wedding Reception

There is sure to be plenty of chaos at Liz and Franco's celebration.

General Hospital star Jacklyn Zeman.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

There is sure to be plenty of chaos at Liz and Franco's celebration.

Bobbie Spencer just found out that she has Type 2 diabetes last week on General Hospital. It came as a complete shock to her, even though she did have a few symptoms that she totally ignored. Now she is having to deal with learning how to take control of her health. But will there be another health scare to worry about?

There are a couple of General Hospital spoilers that may give some hints as to what will happen with Bobbie during the week of July 8. Soap Central teases that she will somehow become the center of attention. There are no other details as to why or what she will be doing at the time. However, the new GH preview for the upcoming wedding reception for Franco and Elizabeth, known as “Friz” by fans, indicates that Bobbie will be attending this big event.

Last week, viewers saw Scott propose to Bobbie unexpectedly. She said no and he quickly regretted it, but he did snag a date with her. They will be going to the big celebration on the Haunted Star on Monday. The preview clip also shows Bobbie looking rather confused or possibly shocked by something.

Another spoiler says that Scott will be be glued to Bobbie’s side. While that could mean that he is sticking very close to his date for the evening, the two spoilers together likely means that Bobbie will have some sort of crisis happen sometime nest week. With her recent diagnosis of diabetes, there could be some trouble related to her health.

Epiphany told Bobbie that she had a mild heart attack after she got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Will the same thing happen to Bobbie Spencer?


One thing is for sure, Scott is not about to leave her side whatever happens. He truly has strong feelings for her. This situation may also get Bobbie thinking about her future as well. Scott was contemplating what was ahead for him and Bobbie came to mind. Will the same happen to her? If this is some type of medical crisis, it would certainly have her thinking hard on what Scott said to her about the two of them getting their romance on.

The “Friz” wedding reception is expected to be full of drama and surprises along the way. Of course, there will be lots of fun, love, and romance as well, and fans will be enjoying every minute of it.

Be sure to watch General Hospital starting on Monday as Franco and Elizabeth celebrate their love and their future together.