Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: The Women Finally ‘Turn The Tide’ On Shiloh

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Shiloh is about to go down an ABC’s General Hospital and it won’t be soon enough for viewers. The Dawn of Day leader thinks he has the upper hand, but the women who have been manipulated by him are now banding together to make him pay. The first week of July proved to be one step closer to his ultimate downfall.

Shiloh’s focus right now is finding his son. His sights are set on Wiley now that he figured out that Brad and Lucas were his child’s adoptive parents. Now he is pretty confident that he will be able to gain custody of the baby. Of course, things may change once he finds out Wiley is not his after all. While Shiloh was busy consulting with his lawyer, Sam and Jason were working on getting confessions from two of his followers. According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, Sam will be seeking some assistance from Mac Scorpio the week of July 8.

Sam will be heading back to Port Charles after spending some time in Beecher’s Corners where she got a statement from Carol. After learning that Sam was only there to get the truth from her, Carol told how she was manipulated into confessing to giving Douglas the drugs that killed him. Sam recorded her and Carol also signed a statement that Sam is taking back to Port Charles. She told Sam on Friday’s General Hospital that it’s time to “turn the tide” on Shiloh. This evidence will likely be taken to Mac at the PCPD. He is all about taking Shiloh down as well.

While Sam was in Beecher’s Corners, Jason went to visit Harmony at Pentonville. She was convinced by Jason to tell the truth on what happened the night of Willow’s imitation, which was the night that her husband was thought to have overdosed. Once they went over the timeline of events that night, Harmony realized that Shiloh was gone for three hours at the same time that Douglas died. He then went back to the Dawn of Day house to finish the initiation with Willow.

Kristina had definitely gained the upper hand when with Shiloh on Friday. She blasted him at the Metro Court telling him that she had lied to him regarding the pledge and that she told her mother everything. She also told him that she would gladly refile the charges that were dropped against him.

These three women have finally stepped up to break Shiloh’s hold on them. Hopefully, he won’t retaliate on Carol since she is still in Beecher’s Corners with Billy Price ready to do whatever Shiloh asks of him.

Keep watching General Hospital next week to see if Shiloh starts to unravel when he finds out that Harmony has turned against him.