Victoria Beckham Goes Topless & Covers Up With A Suit

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Victoria Beckham is featured on the cover of Vogue Germany for August, so fans can look forward to picking up a copy. Victoria was photographed topless while holding a suit to her chest. This meant that although the look was revealing, it was less provocative and more artistic. Beckham was spotted with her side facing the camera, as she looked over her left shoulder. Her makeup was kept simple, with light lipstick and dark liner on. her lower lid. She only accessorized with earrings, going without any other jewelry.

But that wasn’t all, as she also shared a couple more photos from the same photoshoot. One such update was a portrait shot of Victoria, except from the side. The photo was cropped so you could only see a bit of her shoulder, but her profile was prominent. This Instagram photo received over 109,000 likes.

Another series showed Victoria wearing the suit that she was hugging for the cover shot. The coat was large with a white plaid design throughout. A second photo from the series was a black-and-white snap. Beckham sat on a stool of some sort as she sported an all-black outfit. Considering the backdrop was black also, it was almost hard to see the details.

For Beckham fans, much of her amazing pursuits of late boil down to fashion. She is a designer of catwalk-worthy looks, which she opened up about to The Guardian.

“At the moment the brand is significantly bigger than the business. I want them to be the same size. That is 100% the plan, to reach as many women as I can.”

And in addition, Victoria opened up about the various roles she plays in her business.

“Yeah, it is [intense]. I am behind the camera with Mario and Alastair all day, then at the end I am the one who has to be on the other side of the camera. Having to wear both hats can be stressful. But I’m not complaining. I have an incredible life. I know how lucky I am.”

And best of all, some of Beckham’s editorial photos do end up on her Instagram page from time to time. One recent example is of her posing in a cow print skirt and matching top which was complemented by black stiletto boots. Victoria posed on a black stool, and instead of sitting in it, leaned backwards slightly for the shot. She wore her hair in a messy bun, and again it was her profile that was most prominent. This Instagram photo has garnered over 191,000 likes.