Alexina Graham Is Covered In Bubbles As She Stands Nude In A Bathtub

Thierry ChesnotGetty Images

Alexina Graham is keeping her fans on their toes with a brand new photo that’s a bit more revealing than her recent other posts. The photo showed the Victoria’s Secret model as she stood in a bathtub. The bathroom had floor to ceiling windows with incredible views of the skyscrapers surrounding her. The white tub was right by the window, with several candles in the windowsill.

Alexina was spotted standing up, with bubbles from the bath clinging to her, as she faced her back to the camera. This meant that her booty was left exposed, as she covered her chest with her arms. There were two photos in the series, both were identical, except the first shot was in black and white, while the second one was in color. The model wore her hair in a high top bun. The photo has received over 3,000 likes in just the first 10 minutes since it was posted.

Prior to this bathtub pic, the model shared sneak peeks from a photo shoot she had. One of the photos had a very gothic type of feel, as she wore a blue long sleeved minidress with a dark, lacy and flowy top over it. Alexina had her hair half up, half down, and wore black studded shoes with long socks. She was photographed mid-move, as she looked down to her left while playing with the lace with her right hand.

And that’s not all, as Alexina shared another series of photos where she wore a fancy jacket. It had tons of different fabric types and colors, and she was spotted posing by a dock and the water. These Instagram photos had a romantic charm to them, and have garnered almost 10,000 likes.

With all that being said, the model sounds pretty down-to-earth in her interviews. She opened up about her personal life previously, as noted by Harper’s Bazaar.

“I’m one of those typical British people who wants to go home and see their Mum all the time. I can’t get enough of her rice and peas. It sounds disgusting but it’s honestly so good. As a child I loved that.”

Graham also gave fans a sneak peek into what her Victoria’s Secret casting audition was like.

“I did this whole floor drop and when I walked off I couldn’t believe I actually did it. The casting agents then just shouted at the other models: ‘Whoever has to follow her, good luck!'”