A Texas Mother Who Was Asked To Get Off A Flight Because Her Outfit Was Deemed Too Inappropriate Speaks Out


There have been more and more stories about women being asked to leave airports and planes because their outfit was deemed too inappropriate. Dr. Tisha Rowe experienced this humiliating experience firsthand and is now sharing it with the world.

Dr. Rowe is a 37-year-old family physician who is based in Houston, Texas. She was recently taking a flight from Kingston, Jamaica, to Miami, Florida, and was accompanied by her 8-year-old son. She was in the process of boarding the plane when she was approached by a flight attendant who told her that if she wished to take the flight, she would have to cover up, according to Today.

After being called out in front of the rest of the passengers and brought to the front of the plane, Dr. Rowe was asked if she had a jacket to put on as a way of covering up. When she responded that she didn’t have one, she was told that if she wanted to take the flight she’d have to wrap herself up in a blanket, at least until she got onto her seat. Angry and humiliated, but not wanting to further upset her young son, Dr. Rowe agreed and was allowed to go to her seat.

Upon getting seated, her son sunk into his seat in embarrassment and covered his face. It was then that Dr. Rowe went on social media and shared her experience online as a way to vent her frustration. She also included photos of the outfit she had on.

“Here is what i was wearing when @AmericanAir asked me to deplane for a talk. At which point I was asked to ‘cover up’. When defending my outfit I was threatened with not getting back on the flight unless I walked down the aisle wrapped in a blanket #notsofriendlyskies.”

She had no idea what a big reaction the post would create, leading thousands of people to give their take on the situation and comment upon whether or not they felt her outfit was inappropriate for a plane. The vast majority of those that commented felt firmly that there wasn’t anything wrong with what she had on, many stating that they felt it was really her curves that the airline crew seemed to be taking issue with.

Michelle Mohr, a spokeswoman for American Airlines, issued an apology to Dr. Rowe, via Twitter.

“We are just terribly sorry for what happened to Dr. Rowe and her son, for their experience with us, and that is why we have apologized, and we really want to personally apologize to her.”