Chanel West Coast Rocks Blue Bikini & Tiny Skirt

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Chanel West Coast attended a “Summer Twist” event by Swishers, and she shared a photo of it with her fans. The rapper opted for an all-blue look, as she rocked light blue for the majority of her outfit. This included a light blue bikini top, ruffled light blue miniskirt, and a matching wig. She even accessorized with light blue dangle earrings but also switched it up with white heeled sandals. Chanel posed standing up with her left hand on her hip.

In addition, West Coast has several active Instagram Stories. In one of them, she noted, “I have really bad eyesight and need lasik eye surgery, so if I post blurry pics please don’t mention it, it’s because I couldn’t see they were blurry and I don’t really care anyways.” The photo she posted today from the event was a bit blurry, so she may be responding to people making comments about it.

Prior to this update, Chanel’s feed was filled with her posing in a sheer, white dress with a bikini top underneath. This includes a photo of her cuddling with a bulldog, as she closed her eyes and puckered her lips. She wore a silver purse over her right shoulder, along with red sandals.

It’ll be interesting to see if Chanel has any more photos from the Swishers event. For now, it looks like she’s really enjoying the blue hair. It was just recently, however, that she was rocking her natural hair color with blond highlights at the roots. One Instagram update from five days ago showed her posing in front of a purplish blue car, as she wore tiny shorts and a straw-colored hat.

Previously, West Coast opened up to Hollywood Life after rumors started circulating that she may be the “villain” of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

“I think I am going to be the nice girl and probably the goofy one. I don’t take life seriously as some people. I tend to laugh at a lot, obviously; I think people know that from Ridiculousness but I am going to be the goofy, friendly one.”

The rapper’s often talked about the discrepancies that she feels between her personality on the TV show, versus her rapper persona. She elaborated further.

“But at the same time I am showing my tough side. I am friendly,but I am not friendly to the point where you can f*ck with me and push my buttons!”

But with that being said, she noted earlier that she likes to meet people.

“I love to make friends with people and be cool with everyone. I don’t really have time for drama.”