Hilary Duff Watches Fireworks With Luca In Adorable Snapshot

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Hilary Duff has commanded a lot of attention as of late after she shared an adorable black-and-white snapshot of herself holding her daughter, Banks, just five days ago. What was intended to be nothing more than an adorable display of Duff and her daughter quickly spiraled out of control when many took to the comments to slam the 31-year-old actress for her decision to pierce her daughter’s ears.

According to USA Today, the heated debate in the comments sparked a question regarding whether Duff’s decision to pierce her daughter’s ears before she was old enough to decide on her own should be viewed as child abuse. Based on the comments on the snapshots, opinions on the issue are pretty mixed.

Fortunately for the 12.5 million Instagram followers that enjoy seeing photos of Duff and her children, the massive amounts of negativity didn’t stop Hilary from sharing a beautiful photo of herself and her son, Luca, lying on the grass while watching the fireworks together.

In the photo, Duff was glowing with a huge smile on her face as she held her son’s hand while they looked up at the sky together.

In less than 24 hours, her followers flooded the photo with over 100,000 likes and several hundred comments. While the photo had nothing to do with her daughter, many couldn’t help by rehash the ear-piercing topic.

Instead of wishing the actress a happy holiday or commenting on the content of the photo, a few unsupportive followers instead chose to continue to bash the 31-year-old mother for her parenting choice.

Despite the naysayers, plenty of Hilary’s die-hard fans showed up to save the day, providing plenty of praise, well wishes, and comments on how adorably cute her children are.

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Sadly, this is not the first time that a large number of Instagram trolls took the time to attack one of Duff’s parenting posts. Earlier this year, the actress shared a breastfeeding selfie with a post that talked about her decision to stop breastfeeding and how it was affecting her.

The post quickly went viral, prompting thousands of comments shaming Duff for “putting her career before her child.”

The moms on that post were quick to judge Duff’s decision to stop breastfeeding before her daughter was a year old, as the balance made returning to work much harder. Shamers used the platform to tell the actress that her place was at home with her children and that her career should not be a priority. That post received more than 23,000 comments