‘Maxim’ Model Viki Odintcova Goes Fully Nude In Throwback Pic

Viki Odintcova wears a grey sorts bra and clicks a mirror selfie
Viki Odintcova / Instagram

When it comes to wearing skimpy clothes or baring it all, Russian model Viki Odintcova is a pro. In fact, the hottie is well-known among her 4.8 million followers for her sexy photographs which she posts from time to time.

Mavrin Studios recently posted a throwback picture of Viki where she is featured posing completely nude while sitting on a chair. The picture was captured for Maxim magazine’s Russian edition and the photo shoot was carried out by famous Russian photographer, Mavrin.

Although Viki censored her nipples with the help of her arms, she exposed major sideboob to titillate her fans. At the same time, she showed off her long, sexy legs, let her hair down, left her lips slightly parted, and looked away from the camera to strike a pose.

She wore a full face of makeup comprising some very subtle shades and accessorized with gold hoop earrings to keep it chic and sexy.

Within a few hours of going live, the snap racked up almost 25,000 likes and over a hundred comments where fans drooled over the model’s hotness and showered her with complimentary words and phrases. Some fans also expressed their admiration for the hot model in explicit terms.

“She is so hot,” one person commented on the snap, while another one called her a goddess. A third fan, who seems to be a big fan of the model, wrote that Viki is the most beautiful girl that he has ever seen on Instagram.

Other fans, per usual, used words like “extremely stunning,” “the hottest babe,” “top model material,” and “I am speechless.”

One fan, who seemed to be quite envious of Mavrin because he gets to photograph all the hot models in Russia, said that he is ready to pay $1 million to Mavrin to let him do the job.

A look at Viki’s Instagram page also shows that the photographer carries out risque photo shoots for the model very often. In fact, almost all of her pictures are captured by Mavrin.

Even when her photographs are not professionally captured, Viki always ends up looking gorgeous in her selfies. A recent one, for instance, proves that the model is indeed extremely beautiful and her pics don’t need extensive editing to make her look good.

According to an article by Shot Connect, the model revealed that even when she is not modeling, she always stays busy.

“Each day is different. I meet with friends, play sports, read, and learn English. I always find something to do and spend my time productively.”