Joe Biden Shotgun Advice Gets Virginia Man Arrested

Joe Biden shotgun advice gets Va ma arrested

Virginia Beach, VA — VP Joe Biden is a big fan of the double-barrel shotgun, but following the equivalent of his self-defense tips apparently may have gotten one local man in trouble with the law.

As widely reported, during a recent Parents Magazine online Facebook event, Biden encouraged America to “buy a shotgun” because in his opinion no one needs an AR-15 or high capacity ammo clips. He also passed along the same advice he claims he has given his wife in the event of intruders: fire two rounds of his double-barrel shotgun outside the window.

The advice was deemed sexist and impractical by one of the Second-Amendment supporting moms posing a question during the forum. YouTube sensation Colion Noir also slammed Biden’s shotgun love as being way out of date.

In a subsequent interview with Field & Stream Magazine, Biden — who is leading the Obama administration’s gun control initiative — “doubled down” on the double-barrel shotgun advice by claiming that if “you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”

A 22-year-old Virginia Beach man may not have been consciously following (or have been aware of) Biden’s advice, but it didn’t work out so well anyway.

According to, he told police that two armed and masked prowlers showed up outside his open bedroom window:

“Thinking the suspects were going to rob him, he moved into the hallway and retrieved a shotgun.

“[The man] fired through his bedroom door, then opened the door and fired several more rounds toward the window. Any suspects fled the area and could not be located by officers.”

Although police were unable to detain any suspects, they charged the shotgun owner with reckless handling of a firearm, and he was apparently released on a summons to appear later in court.


Obviously there could be more to the story of the confrontation that has yet to come out.

That being said, apart from the applicable Virginia law, US News has reported that discharging a shotgun in the way Biden advised during the online forum, if it occurred in his home state of Delaware, “could result in felony reckless endangering and aggravated menacing charges, in addition to misdemeanor charges.”

What do you think of Joe Biden’s shotgun advice?