Tulsi Gabbard Says U.S. Leaders Are ‘More Concerned About Themselves Than They Are About The People’

Democratic presidential candidate and Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard speaks at the Iowa Democratic Party's Hall of Fame Dinner.
Scott Olson / Getty Images

Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard continued to drive her campaign’s focus on attacking United States leadership by taking to Twitter, claiming that the country’s leaders in government, business, and health care are more concerned about themselves than about the people of the country they are supposed to be serving.

“At the heart of many problems today is that many leaders, in government, business, and health care, are more concerned about themselves than they are about the people,” she tweeted.

“We need leaders who find their happiness working for the well-being of others, not their own personal gain.”

Gabbard hasn’t been shy about criticizing Presidential Donald Trump and his administration. Per The Inquisitr, she again took to Twitter on Independence Day to accuse Trump of disrespecting and dishonoring the United States military with his Fourth of July celebrations.

Aside from Gabbard, the celebrations also received criticism from former military leaders such as David Barno, a retired Army Lieutenant General who commanded U.S. troops in Afghanistan under former president George W. Bush. Barno said the celebration was more akin to a Republican Party event. Many other critics echoed Barno and pointed to the politicization of the event and the celebration’s history of leaving politics at the door.

Gabbard also claims that war between Iran and the U.S. is highly likely unless Trump swallows his pride and reenters the nuclear agreement with the Middle Eastern country.


The Nation reports that Gabbard’s campaign has been built around a focus of foreign policy and the devastation that it causes to local U.S. communities. During her speech at the 87th Annual US Conference of Mayors, The Inquisitr reported that she urged the audience to see regime change wars as local issues that affect the community.

“That’s why, it’s imperative that every mayor, every leader at every level of government take action to stand up and speak out about this danger of nuclear war that we’re facing, speak out against these wasteful regime change wars and this new cold war that’s sucking money out of our pockets and our communities.”

The Nation reports that cities can have an effect on the global stage by the way they approach issues that extend to other countries. For example, U.S. mayors have connected with urban leaders around the world to tackle climate change in the absence of a concrete plan from the Trump administration. In addition, they have also spoken up about international human rights abuses.