Farrah Abraham’s Scandalous Bikini Pics Slammed: ‘No Plastic On The Beach Please’

Farrah Abraham at Crazy Horse 3 on November 15, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Bryan Steffy / Getty Images

Farrah Abraham is getting slammed. The former Teen Mom OG star spent Independence Day frolicking on shores in Malibu, California. Photos obtained by The Daily Mail showed the 28-year-old showcasing her fit and curvy frame in a tiger-print thong bikini that The Inquisitr has already dubbed “scandalous.” While the sexy two-piece flaunted this mother’s frame to its best, Farrah appears to have caused a storm.

Fans have been leaving their thoughts in The Daily Mail‘s comments section. This Nebraska-born star has a reputation for racking up trolling remarks. That said, when comments repeatedly pointing towards an opinion are finding themselves upvoted by the masses, there’s no denying that the consensus can be interpreted as overwhelming agreement. It looks like Farrah’s body has launched backlash over the star’s self-confessed cosmetic surgery procedures.

A comment calling Farrah “fake” received over 340 upvotes.

“I’m confused why on earth she thinks she looks good??? Who is feeding wrong information to all these women who think plastic face is better….” was a comment upvoted by over 190 individuals.

“No plastic on the beach please” also generated agreement.

Elsewhere, the mother of one was slammed for appearing not to spend much time with her daughter. Ten-year-old Sophia was not photographed. This child is frequently a source of concern on Farrah’s social media due to fans’ perceived lack of focus on her daughter.

This reality star has openly admitted going under the knife. E Online‘s report of Farrah’s cosmetic procedures dates back to 2012 – the media outlet stated Farrah spending $16,000 on facial procedures. Likewise mentioned was Farrah’s 2010 breast enlargement surgery.

“I don’t have to hate anything on my face ever again. I feel gorgeous!” Farrah said.

More recently, Farrah’s surgery-related headlines have revolved around the star’s “designer vagina” and “butt plumping injections,” per The Daily Mail‘s 2018 report.

This controversial star proves a headline-maker for many reasons. Farrah shot to fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. She then became a core cast member of Teen Mom OG. The brunette’s image as a parent hasn’t died down, however her internet-circulated sex tapes and raunchy Instagram updates seem to have taken over. Farrah has also been probed over the nature of her recent activities in Dubai.

The Daily Mail‘s comment section came filled with mentions of Farrah’s surgeries.

Despite frequent slamming, Farrah appears undeterred. Her scantily-clad appearances continue and she seems confident in the choices she makes. Fans wishing to see more of Farrah should follow her Instagram.