Canyon Cliff Jump: Get Motion Sick Just Watching [VIDEO]

Elaine Radford

I would like to nominate "Canyon Cliff Jump," the new You Tube video by devinsupertramp, as the winner for the video most likely to make you toss your cookies in 2013 -- and it's only March 1. The American stunt man and videographer already has a catalog of incredible stunt films on his You Tube channel with titles like "Huge Bike Jump Into a Pond 35 Feet In the Air" and "Human Slingshot Slip and Slide."

However, the new clip, which has already attracted over 2.5 million views since it was posted on Tuesday, takes his stunt work to a whole different level. It's just what it sounds like -- people on a bungee cord leaping down and bouncing back up into a canyon. A deep scary-looking canyon.

In the video, one man tightrope walked across the deep gorge. Near the end, a young couple leapt into the canyon together.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm more prone to motion sickness than average, but if you can watch that video without the tiniest twinge of nausea, I'll stand amazed. It's that realistic.

The brains behind the video is Salt Lake City, Utah resident Devin Graham. On his blog, Graham wrote,"Ever since I was a little kid I was borrowing my parents' cameras to get the shot that no one else could...That resulted with several cameras busted."

Yeah, I'll bet it did. And what's the motive behind these crazy stunts? According to Graham:

"What most people don't realize is everything I make off of making videos for You Tube, television, etc, I invest right back into my You Tube channel, with the hopes of making bigger and better projects long term, it's me trying to prove myself to the world I guess, with the hopes that the 'big guys' will see what I can do."

If you want to learn how the video was made, then you'll be pleased to learn that his friend Shay Carl recorded a behind-the-scenes video about the making of the film:

I predict that we'll be seeing a lot more from Devin Graham and the other people who participated in "Canyon Cliff Jump."