Social Media Is Obsessed With ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Coming to Hulu

Kirsten Dunst stars in "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
Getty Images

Nineties babes, rejoice! One of your favorite movies has hit Hulu.

Social media crowned the streaming platform, Hulu, the winner Friday morning when it was announced Drop Dead Gorgeous would be coming to TV.

The movie, released in 1999, told the cult-classic tale of a small-town, Minnesota beauty pageant that went horribly, horribly wrong. Although deadly, this fictional movie was a laugh-out-loud riot for those who like and those who can’t stand the pageant lifestyle.

The main characters, played by a young Kirsten Dunst (before Bring It On), Allison Janney and Real Housewife of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards, would do anything to win in the satiric film.

If you’re a fan of The Office, you might like this film. The characters are followed by a film crew and the girls’ shenanigans are caught on tape (Think trailer fires, explosions and lots and lots of sabotage). The movie centers around Amber Adkins, who was raised in a trailer by a chain-smoking mom, who is trying to beat rich girl Becky.

Twitter was really excited Friday morning. As users heard the news, they posted GIFs, videos and memes to commemorate the special time.

Another nineties reference was used by user @hinxminx who said she watched the movie on repeat when rented from her local Blockbuster. Please note Gen Z: Blockbuster used to be this store where you could pick up your favorite DVDs and VHS tapes. Also, VHS tapes are these things that use to store films.

Even the New Yorker got in on the action today. Journalist Jia Tolentino published a piece, “Drop Dead Gorgeous, Which Is Finally Streaming, Is Possibly My Favorite Movie of All Time.” In the article, Tolentino called the movie an “artifact,” although she stated she knew how wrong parts of the movie were — like the stereotypes of small-town America and Midwestern pageant moms in general.

When the movie premiered, it pretty much bombed in theaters, according to the New Yorker. However, five years ago, Janney told Buzzfeed that she had been approached by fans about Drop Dead Gorgeous more than about any other project she had worked on, despite winning four Emmys for her part on The West Wing.

Buzzfeed reported the film only grossed $10.5 million total, and the movie currently has a measly 28 percent on Metacritic.

Maybe Drop Dead Gorgeous is like van Gogh or Emily Dickenson: famous only after death. The mocumentary is streaming now on Hulu.