Kendall Jenner Freaks Instagram Out: ‘I Can’t Tell If It’s A Man Or Woman’

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Kendall Jenner appears to have freaked out Instagram. The supermodel’s July 5 update featured a very famous face, but fans aren’t losing their minds over the picture of Kendall with model BFF Gigi Hadid, though.

Earlier today, Kendall updated her account with a mixture of video and still images. They included dolphins swimming in the ocean, and a water view from a yacht. Fans have been honing in on the update’s third picture, as the image simply showed a tan foot with painted toenails showing a smiley face. The foot had a tattoo spelling “HBG” on it. Also visible was leg hair that one would assume belongs to a male.

It looks like Kendall’s fans didn’t bother to tap the image, as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star had tagged hip-hop star Taco Bennett, aka Yung Taco.

The comments section to Kendall’s post features a mixture of freakouts, confusion, and pondering.

“Who’s are those painted toe nails? I can’t tell if it’s a man or women [sic] it’s the leg hair,” one fan wrote.

Their comment racked up over 380 likes in just five hours.

The user didn’t appear alone in being somewhat thrown. Another fan echoed the thought, per their comment.

“Sitting here wondering who’s foot that belong too [sic],” they said.

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Comments regarding the foot definitely seems to have brought fans out of the woodwork.

“Who ain’t shave,” one person asked.

Others appeared to question the “HBG” lettering on the foot. Fans queried whether the letters represented the names of Hailey Baldwin, and sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid. While Gigi was featured in another part of Kendall’s update, there didn’t seem to be any further clues regarding the tattoo.

Fortunately, users who had tapped the image offered help to the confused fans, and with the number of upvotes, it looks like most of the platform was agreeing with the above-mentioned comments.

“Nvm she just tagged them,” one user wrote.

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classic alien hand

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Kendall has a knack for getting Instagram talking. Bucking the trend with her offbeat and often mysterious updates, the supermodel knows how to toy with her fans. Known for her beauty, Kendall has a way with words. A seemingly naked update from the model in June offered a bizarre caption referencing a body part. The picture (seen above) racked up 4.9 million likes.

Kendall didn’t hold back on wowing her fans today, but it looks like she managed to freak a few of them out. Fans wishing to see more of Kendall should follow her Instagram.