Wendy Williams' Estranged Husband Reportedly Spotted Pawning Jewelry Amid Money Rumors

Amanda Lynne

Wendy Williams' estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, was reportedly spotted trying to pawn jewelry amid his expensive divorce with the talk show host.

According to Radar Online, Hunter was seen at a pawn shop in New York City after driving up to the establishment in his $325,000 Rolls-Royce SUV. Hunter allegedly carried a small sack into the shop that was said to be filled with jewelry.

Kevin also allegedly parked his car in the bus lane, which was said to cause chaos outside of the business.

"He didn't seem to have a care in the world. He left his car in the bus lane and went inside the pawn shop for 15 minutes. He was very animated showing off the jewelry to the expert in the store," one eyewitness told the outlet.

Earlier this year, Wendy filed for divorce from Hunter after 21 years of marriage. The divorce came after months of rumors that Hunter had been cheating on Williams with his alleged longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson, and that the pair had conceived a child together.

After Kevin was hit with divorce papers, Wendy also fired him from his job as an executive producer on her talk show.

Meanwhile, Hunter filed his own divorce documents and is said to be asking for alimony, as well as child support for their son. He also wants "equitable distribution of all personal assets acquired during the marriage," according to the paperwork.

Wendy confirmed that her husband had cheated on her, and that he fathered a love child with his mistress during their marriage.

Williams told TMZ that Hunter had been involved with his mistress for 15 years, and that she was stuck at home only to be a "show pony."

Wendy then revealed that she's finally living her life, and is even dating again. The talk show host has been seen spending a lot of time with Marc Tomblin, whom she reportedly met through their mutual friend, Blac Chyna.

It was later revealed that Tomblin had served time for armed robbery in North Carolina. However, Williams admitted that she already knew the details of Marc's past, and that she could handle herself because she's not a stupid young girl.

"I am a 54-year-old grown a** woman. I know what I'm doing," Williams said of the situation.

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