July 7, 2019
This 'Stranger Things' Star Has A Band With 2 New Songs

Netflix viewers are raving about the new season of Stranger Things, but what they may not know is that one of its stars has some new music to go along with it.

Gaten Matarazzo and his band Work in Progress dropped two new tracks just in time for the premiere, including "Dream Eater" and "Waste My Time." The actor, 16, partners with his sister Sabrina Matarazzo on one track and a couple more family friends from New Jersey, according to Billboard.

The band's website says Work In Progress began in 2017. The members all attended Pinelands Regional High School and hail from Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey.

Matarazzo told Billboard that the band formed by "accident."

"My brother was drumming for a while and wanted to play with someone, so he asked his friend Matt if they could jam."
Then, he told the magazine, that a few more friends joined, plus his sister, and it all began from there. Matarazzo said he draws his inspiration from Pearl Jam and Green Day.

The music, which is described on Apple as Rock, has some emotional lyrics.

"It may be easier to die, it may be easier to sleep," Matarazzo sings in the song "Dream Eater."

Matarazzo moonlighted as a guest vocalist at one point for the band Paramore, according to Billboard. His band is now preparing for a summer tour beginning in August, which will go throughout the East Coast, including Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Columbus.

On his Instagram, Matarazzo joins band members in a video telling fans to listen to the new songs and tag them at @work_in_progress_band in a story.

So, what's next for the young band of seven?
"We all have a lot on our plates right now but we always remember to have fun. That's what it's about. "
Another Stranger Things cast member, Finn Wolfhard, has a band, too, according to Complex. His band Calpurnia, an indie rock band, released its debut EP Scout and was supposed to be performing this summer, but per Instagram, called the events off due to "scheduling issues."

Complex reports that the band is still "rocking, writing, playing, listening and most of all, loving your support."

Wolfhard and his band of four formed in 2017 in Vancouver.

Matarazzo plays Dustin on Stranger Things, which debuted its third season on July 4. Seasons 1 and 2 are also available to stream on Netflix now.

Fans can download both songs by Work in Progress on Apple Music.