Donald Trump Says Mueller Report Shows ‘I’m A Very Honest Guy,’ Then Tells Lies About Barack Obama, China

Alex WongGetty Images

Donald Trump departed Friday morning to spend the weekend at his own country club in Bedminster, New Jersey — his 201st day at one of his own golf clubs out of the 895 days of his term, per MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin on Twitter, meaning that Trump will have now spent 22 percent, or more than one of every five, of his days since his inauguration at a golf club that he owns.

But before Trump left the White House grounds, he spoke to reporters and made a new claim about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into his 2016 campaign’s involvement with Russia, and Trump’s own subsequent efforts to obstruct that investigation. According to a CNN report, Trump claimed that the Mueller report proved, “I’m a very honest guy.”

But as CNN reported, Trump followed that statement — and preceded it — with a series of false statements, including a repetition of his widely debunked claim, as reported earlier by The Inquisitr, that his predecessor President Barack Obama had been “begging” to meet face-to-face with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Trump has mow met with Kim three times, including an impromptu meeting at the Korean Demilitarized Zone on June 30. Obama’s top foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes quickly responded to Trump via Twitter, flatly accusing Trump of “lying,” and proclaiming that Obama never requested a meeting with Kim.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un shake hands
Donald Trump (r) continues to claim that Barack Obama was desperate to meet with Kim Jong-un.Featured image credit: Dong-A IlboGetty Images

But on Friday, on his way to Bedminster, Trump repeated the lie, saying, “He called Kim Jong Un on numerous occasions to meet. President Obama wanted to meet with Kim Jong Un, and Kim Jong Un said no. Numerous occasions he called.”

But according to a CNN fact-check, no evidence exists that Obama ever asked even once for a meeting with Kim, and certainly did not call Kim “on numerous occasions” or “beg” to meet with the North Korean strongman.

Trump also, despite declaring himself “a very honest guy,” again falsely claimed as he has on numerous occasions that the trade tariffs he has imposed on China are paid by the Chinese alone.

“China is paying for it, not our people,” Trump claimed, adding that the tariffs are raising “billions and billions” for the United States.

In fact, according to a report by Bloomberg News, while the United States had collected $15.3 billion in tariffs on Chinese imports as of April, almost all of that money was paid by U.S. businesses and consumers. In fact, as Bloomberg noted, the losses borne by U.S. consumers are not matched by the tariff revenue collected by the U.S. government.