Shay Mitchell’s Unusual Baby Gender Reveal Features Power Rangers

Shay Mitchell in chainmail dress
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Shay Mitchell and boyfriend Matte Babel may have just upped the ante with gender reveal parties after having two Power Rangers battle it out to see which gender would reign supreme, per People. The former Pretty Little Liars actress posted the video to her YouTube vlog in the hilariously titled “Do NOT Try This Gender Reveal at Home.”

The video opens with Mitchell and Babel at the doctor’s office. The doctor asks if the pair know the gender, but Mitchell and Babel reply that they are waiting to find out that evening. After a few clips of other gender reveal stunts, the video cuts to Mitchell and Babel explaining that they are also planning on a reveal, and joking that it would include their dog Angel.

The video then jumps to Mitchell, who is in a bathrobe and muses about her thoughts on the gender.

“I truly think that I’m having a boy because … just the retribution of having a girl,” she said.

“My parents would just look at me and be like, ‘Karma…. It’s a boy.'”

The clip then returns to Mitchell and Babel together. The brunette beauty explains that she preferred not to have a party, and pans the camera to display an empty garden. However, she does include her friends and family by conducting a poll before the reveal.

After calling eight people, six believed that Mitchell was destined to have a girl. Two were pulling for a baby boy.

After the poll was conducted, Mitchell and Babel wait for the reveal to happen, when a blue Power Ranger enters the frame.

“I knew it!” Mitchell squeals.

But there was more to the story. Less than 10 seconds after the blue Power Ranger entered, a pink one also joined the scene.

“Wait, what?” Mitchell asks, confused about this new turn of events. “We’re not having twins!”

But the nature of the reveal soon becomes clear, as the two Power Rangers begin to battle it out. Trouble arises when the two fall into the pool and need to remove their masks due to difficulty breathing. However, the fight soon resumes, and the pink Power Ranger finally emerges victorious.

“Oh my God!” Mitchell exclaimed after the reveal. “Everybody freaking knew!”

“Power Rangers. Never in the history of gender reveals have I seen Power Rangers,” Mitchell said of the unique stunt.

The quirky nature of the reveal has caused the video to go viral. It is currently trending at No. 4 with over 3,100,000 views.

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The You actress recently announced her pregnancy in late June. The estimated due date for the new bundle of joy is around October 2019.