July 5, 2019
Ireland Baldwin Responds To 'Idiot' Topless Pic Slamming: 'Nice Try'

Ireland Baldwin has clapped back at fans slamming a recent topless picture of herself. The 23-year-old daughter to Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger was brave enough to post an Instagram picture in nothing but bikini briefs earlier this week.

Ireland's photo came with a self-acceptance theme. This former anorexia sufferer appeared out to spread a message of "love" and "respect," per her caption. The model's words encouraged fans to opt for healthy food purchases instead of vaping products and likewise mentioned enjoying the great outdoors and taking a lighthearted approach to life.

Slamming comments came in quickly, as The Inquisitr reported yesterday.

"It's a different perspective when you're 20's like you. Wealthy ect [sic]. Real life doesn't always work that way. Hence your [sic] sound like an idiot," one user wrote.

Ireland did not ignore the backlash.

"Real life actually does work that way... it was people well into their 40's to their 80's who taught me young. Nice try though. Also, every time you call somebody an idiot, you grown a silver hair on your balls that can't be tweezed. And if you're a woman, you grown a ball," she wrote.

It looks like this hard-hitting celebrity wasn't prepared to ignore slamming from other users either.

The most-liked comment came from a user who openly admitted to being comfortable in life. They stated being unemployed and the "epitome of white affluent privilege." The individual then slammed Baldwin for flaunting her nudity under an agenda that appeared false to them.

Ireland responded by stating that she was saddened to see the user so "unhappy." The model also suggested that the user was being judgmental alongside indicating that their self-loathing was evident.

For many fans, Ireland's update came as uplifting and empowering. This celebrity has bravely spoken out about her battle with eating disorders. Ireland taking to Instagram to showcase a healthy body and promote balanced living was well-received by many. That said, when negative comments are proving among the most-liked, there's no denying that eyebrows are being raised.
Ireland seems to have taken the time to respond to many of the update's comments. Whether it was thanking fans for their support or giving out further advice, it appeared that Ireland had given the comments section to her post a huge amount of time. Clearly, given her clap-backs, this model isn't lacking in the wit department.

Ireland opened up about her anorexia on social media last summer. She is not the only famous face to have revealed battling food issues. Singer Demi Lovato and actress Portia de Rossi have both opened up about their struggles.

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