Elizabeth Banks Shares ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Still On The Fourth Of July

Elizabeth Banks in red dress at Vanity fair party
Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

In honor of the Fourth of July, Elizabeth Banks shared a new still of her upcoming movie Charlie’s Angels to Instagram. The still also features a tease of the new song recorded for the movie by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana del Rey.

In the still, the three Angels are arranged in the classic trio pose, with Twilight star Kristin Stewart taking center stage and Ella Balinska and Aladdin actress Naomi Scott flanking her. The film, which seeks to show the feminist side of the films and series, avoids the traditional skintight attire for the women to take a more modern twist. Stewart wears thigh high tights, black high-waisted shorts, and a black crop top, along with her bleached pixie cut and heavy eye-shadow. Meanwhile, Scott is dressed in high-waisted office pants, in addition to a cropped white top. Balinska wows in a loose suit and oxford shirt combo. All three women also eschew heels for sensible flat shoes.

To honor the American holiday, a filter with red, white, and blue falls over the image of the three women as the new Charlie’s Angels theme song is teased in the background.

The post won praise from fans, and was watched over 52,000 times within the first 24 hours.

Banks, who not only directed but also helped write the screenplay and produce the film, describes the new movie as a “continuation” of all previous iterations, including the original 1970s television series, the two movies released in the 2000s, and the short-lived television reboot in 2010.

In the new continuation, the Townsend Agency is now an international crime fighting force, so that there are multiple teams consisting of Angels — i.e. spy-like women who run missions and provide security — and their handler, code-named Bosley. Stewart and Balinska star as two of these Angels, who are sent to protect Scott due to her knowledge of a potentially dangerous flaw in a new software system. Banks also stars as Bosley.

This is not the first sneak-peek that Banks has dropped about the film on Instagram. A week ago, she released the newest poster for the movie.

However, as reported by The Inquisitr, the biggest reaction came when the Pitch Perfect actress uploaded the first trailer of the movie.

Fans of the series went wild after the trailer showed the newest recruits engaging in car chases, horse races, and meetings in a variety of international locations such as Hamburg, Istanbul, and Berlin.


“Nice work Banks!!! Looks AWESOME,” wrote Chris Pratt in reaction to the trailer on Instagram.

“Omg omg omg this looks insane!!!!!!” added Eva Longoria, using several hand rejoicing emoji.

Several other celebrities, such as Mindy Kaling, James Gunn, and Kate Hudson also voiced their enthusiastic excitement for the movie.

The film is opening in theaters on November 15.