‘Teen Mom’ Star Mackenzie McKee Returns In Bikini After ‘Sickening’ Pics Cause Outrage

Mackenzie McKee takes a selfie
Mackenzie McKee / Instagram

Mackenzie McKee appears to have put recent backlash behind her. The Teen Mom star and fitness model took to Instagram for Independence Day – her update seemed celebratory and family-centric. It did, however, include a clothing item that has proven highly controversial over the past week.

As The Inquisitr reported less than a week ago, Mackenzie fell under fire for posting pictures of herself in a red-and-white bikini – the 24-year-old was attending a bikini modeling competition. Fans had seemed less taken aback by this muscle machine and her swimwear. Rather, they proved concerned over caption-related words suggesting that Mackenzie had been starving herself. Likewise slammed was the mother of three’s involvement in an industry known for focusing on body image. Mackenzie had also expressed low self-esteem at remarks over her “body fat.”

Late last night, Mackenzie updated her Instagram. All three snaps showed a hot tub setting. While the first sent fans a loved-up shot of Mackenzie with her husband Josh McKee, the second took Mackenzie out of the picture. This mother had opted to share pictures of her husband with the kids although she did return in the final photo – here, she could be seen planting a kiss on her cute son.

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Happy fourth ????????❤️????????

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Fan comments were minimal to Mackenzie’s July 4 update. They also suggested users to be voicing celebratory thoughts and wishing this star a happy holiday.

Mackenzie appears to have been brave – returning to Instagram in a bikini could well have launched backlash similar to the wave Mackenzie experienced less than a week ago. As The Inquisitr reports, the outrage was marked as Mackenzie proudly showcased her gym-honed and ripped body.

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Ok peeps show is over. I have worked until I have nearly passed out daily. 3 hours a day I have dedicated to muscle growth and my physique. My body did much better before I got my tubes tied and I walked into this day feeling like I worked 10x harder than I look. There were 12 of us and I did not place top 5 like I wanted. I nearly broke down in tears and stayed after to get the judges feed back because you never know what they were looking for. They told me I am awesome on stage and present myself well, I also carry a lot of muscle which I was so happy to hear. So when I asked why I didn’t place they said “o you also carry a lot of fat” ???? with how hard I’ve worked and how hungry I am from eating so strict that was hard to hear. Idk what i can do to keep my muscle and get this fat off of my butt but that’s what they say stood between me and the top placements. . I’m simply built like a tree trunk muscle head ????. I also talked to the first place winner and she said “I competed last week and didn’t place top 5 but looked just like this so you NEVER know how they judge” So that eased my mind. But I worked hard, had fun, and one day I’ll have a trophy in my hand.

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“This is sickening. This type of thinking is why women have eating disorders. You do not have a lot of fat. You are a petite girl who is very fit. Please rethink your words. You have a daughter watching,” were the words of one concerned user.

Concern from another user had also mentioned Mackenzie potentially having a negative influence.

“This is why girls have eating disorders. Please be careful, you literally have no fat from what I see. You look great.”

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Time to enjoy the rest of my weekend ❤️ I would like to make some things clear. A lot of people are asking “why do you even do this sport” first off, fitness and health is EVERYTHING to me. Having structure and goals are happiness to me and what I thrive off of. Those who think I am “unhealthy” and “starving myself” are wrong. Just because I crave donuts through prep like normal females and (say no to the donut) does not mean I’m starving myself. I eat a healthy nutritional-diet daily. And those who think this is dangerous for a diabetic. You wanna know what is actually dangerous to a diabetic? To eat junk food and not be physical active. When I am more strict and in prep, my sugars are the best they have ever been and I feel like I have control over this disease with half the amount of man made insulin ????????. Also, I love to challenge my body to new things all the time. You should know by now I am a dreamer. That’s why I have competed in 4 shows, a CrossFit comp, and 2 half marathons. The experience and challenge is so exciting to me. Today I met such amazing women and we all worked our tail ends off to step on that stage. All with different builds and the point of the last post was that my build was not what the judges were looking for. And the girls told me how they place so different at different shows because you never know what the judges are looking for. So anyways, today was a blast. I made new friends, and i am a healthy little fella living my life doing what makes me happy. ????

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Mackenzie is a known fitness fiend. This active mother frequently wows her fans on Instagram with muscle-flaunting selfies and workout videos. While the majority are well-received, something about Mackenzie’s recent bikini competition wasn’t sitting well with fans. The star was called “damaging to all women” in a separate update following her competitive event, per The Inquisitr.

McKee did respond to some of the concerned fans. She also appeared to have enjoyed herself over Independence Day.