‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Jason Confronts Harmony, Puts On The Pressure To Tell Willow The Truth

'General Hospital' stars Steve Burton as Jason Morgan
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Friday, July 5, hint that viewers may learn more about the death of Willow’s father. Carol, the waitress in Beecher’s Corners, did confirm that Michael and Jason were on the right track about Shiloh’s involvement in Douglas’ death. Now, Jason will pay Harmony a visit to try to learn more.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show reveals that Jason will visit Harmony at Pentonville. SheKnows Soaps has teased that Harmony would get a surprise visitor, and now it’s been revealed that it’s Jason, and this isn’t going to be a friendly chat.

As Jason talks with Harmony, she will look anxious and perhaps somewhat afraid. General Hospital spoilers detail that he will push Harmony to be truthful with Willow. He will tell Harmony that her daughter deserves to know the truth about how her father died.

Does this mean that Harmony knew that Shiloh orchestrated Douglas’ death, and perhaps was even involved? Harmony is sitting in jail now because she has refused to walk away from Shiloh, lying to keep him from being held accountable for drugging Kristina and Sam.

Will this talk with Jason sway her at all to let go of her allegiance to Shiloh and protect her daughter instead? Harmony’s facial expression does seem to indicate that she might finally be wavering a bit, but Shiloh still holds immense power over her.

Viewers have wondered what Harmony’s pledge to Shiloh was and whether that might be part of why she continues to defer to him despite how much it harms her. General Hospital spoilers have been hinting for a while now that it may eventually be revealed that Willow is not Harmony’s biological daughter and that the teacher never knew this. Many fans are sure that Willow will turn out to be Nina’s biological daughter, but the hints have mellowed on this front in recent weeks.

While viewers will have to tune in on Friday to see how Harmony reacts, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Willow will work on some healing in the coming week. During the week after that, something will make Shiloh quite desperate, and fans know that all of this is paving the way to both Willow and Shiloh soon learning that Wiley isn’t their biological child after all.

Will Harmony admit she knew that Shiloh was responsible for her estranged husband’s death, or could she end up just as shocked as Willow by what Jason is set to disclose? General Hospital spoilers have hinted that Harmony might soon turn on Shiloh in a big way, and some fans wonder if this visit at Pentonville might be the catalyst for some upcoming twists and turns.