Michael Jordan Paternity Lawsuit: Does MJ Have A Secret Son?

Michael-Jordan- may have illegitimate son

Atlanta, GA — NBA legend Michael Jordan allegedly fathered a now 16-year-old, out-of-wedlock son, according to a newly filed lawsuit.

Pamela Smith claims she had the love child after a 1995 fling with Jordan while he was still married to Juanita Vanoy, according to the New York Post. Jordan returned to NBA Chicago Bulls in 1995 after hiatus during he “retired” and also pursued a career in baseball.

Smith is seeking a court-ordered paternity test along with child support and medical expenses for her son, Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds. The son goes by the name of Taj and is an aspiring hip-hop artist.

Obviously Smith also wants to retain full custody of her son. TMZ reports that Smith wants the judge to rule that Jordan is her son’s legal last name.

These allegations against Michael Jordan have yet to be proven, but it would anything but unusual for former or present NBA players(or professional athletes in general) to find themselves in a baby mama drama that finds its way into court. Sometimes the allegations pan out and other times they are unfounded.

The nuptials for Michael Jordan and girlfriend Yvette Prieto are in April.

Taj previously posted a YouTube video in which declared that he is the son of Michael Jordan. In the video (see below), Taj had this to say about his alleged dad:


“The reason I’m making this video is that I have some exclusive, exclusive information I feel like everybody should know. If you’ve been hearing any rumors about I’m Michael Jordan’s son on Twitter, Instagram, MediaTakeout … any of that, it’s true …

“I feel like you all should know and I feel like he should be more in my life about it, too, because if I was somebody’s dad, I want to be in my kid’s life …

“He knows I’m his son …I’ve met him, we’ve talked, had conversations … I just want him to be more in my life … “

Do you have questions as to why the Michael Jordan paternity lawsuit was filed now rather than back in the late 1990s or thereabouts?