Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Works Out In A Teeny Bikini

Ainsley Rodriguez selfie in bikini
Ainsley Rodriguez / Instagram

Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez was her own best advert in a new video posted to Instagram. The brunette beauty, who boasts nearly 2 million followers on the social media platform, showed off a new fitness routine in a quadruple update while wearing a multicolored teeny string bikini.

The video begins with Ainsley sitting on a stone bench in a park in Miami Beach. She then takes a long sip of Reign Body Fuel, an energy drink which sponsored the post. Ainsley then starts her routine, which features a dip, followed by Ainsley touching her hand to her opposite foot to engage her core. She then repeats the move six times.

In the second upload of the post, Ainsley’s next move is a modified pushup against the stone bench. She then brings her hands to the ground, before returning them to the bench for another sequence. In the background, the clear blue waters sparkle behind a group of palm trees.

Ainsley’s next exercise sees her bring both her legs up onto the bench in quick succession. She then returns them to the ground in a standing mountain climber-like move. She repeats this going down the bench.

The last move is a challenging one-legged squat, where the second leg is rested on the bench. To maintain balance, Ainsley keeps both her hands clasped together in front of her chest. She repeats the difficult maneuver four times in total.

Fans were quick to compliment the social media star on her killer body.

“Lord you’re so so unreal omg so breahtakingly [sic] gorgeous,” wrote one fan.

“Body goals!!!!” seconded another, adding three pink bikini emoji.

“You are my inspiration,” commented a third, with a heart emoji.

The quadruple upload was not the only picture that Ainsley had uploaded that day. She also posted a picture of herself in an American flag tank top in honor of Fourth of July. The brunette beauty stunned with natural wavy hair as she tugged on her top. The fitness fanatic appeared to be without a bra, adding to the sultriness of the shot. Her look was completed with teeny white bikini bottoms that were low cut enough to give a glimpse of her lower abs.

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In a sweet caption, Ainsley reflected on being grateful for all the little pleasures in life, such as flipping burgers and sun bathing.

Her fans loved the photo, which earned over 31,000 likes and nearly 840 comments.

“Wow Happy 4th awesome post! You look beyond beautiful,” wrote one fan.

“Really appreciate your post! Needed it! Thanks for sharing!” added another.