July 5, 2019
Ireland Baldwin's Topless Pic Slammed: 'You Sound Like An Idiot'

Ireland Baldwin is getting slammed. The 23-year-old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger bravely took to Instagram yesterday for a topless picture. The photo showing Ireland on a beach in nothing but bikini briefs offered a self-acceptance theme, per The Daily Mail.

Ireland's caption spoke of "love" and "respect." The model has battled eating disorders, and her update seemed out to embrace her body as it is. Ireland's caption told fans to quit wasting their hard-earned cash on vaping products. Instead, she suggested purchasing healthy foods and living a healthy lifestyle.

Fans don't seem to have taken well to the update. One of the most-liked comments criticized Ireland's words.

"Lol coming from a chick who doesn't work and is the epitome of white affluent privilege.... not all of us have this ability to 'laugh it all off' but continue to post naked photos with a 'meaningful caption' as if you didn't just post to show off your body," the comment said.

Another user also seemed to be voicing disapproval.

"It's a different perspective when you're 20's like you. Wealthy ect [sic]. Real life doesn't always work that way. Hence your [sic] sound like an idiot," they wrote.

Fortunately for Ireland, not all comments were negative. Fans giving the update the thumbs-up praised the model for respecting her body and encouraging healthy living. A few also said that they wished they could have a physique like Ireland's.Despite the few positive backers, Ireland's post proved ill-received by many. One fan questioned if taking a light-hearted approach to life and taking care of one's body could be executed at the same time. Ireland's caption had suggested going super-chill, but her words didn't seem to add up for one fan.

The model was also slammed for the concept that the public will spend vast amounts of money to achieve a body that looks like what her picture was showing. Admittedly, how sensational Ireland looks isn't her fault. In fact, she has battled an eating disorder, so her healthy and toned shape should earn her some credibility.

Ireland was further criticized for being "young" and "privileged," per one fan's comment. They felt that it was "easy" for the model to use such carefree words when life is seemingly so comfortable for her.

Ireland spoke about her anorexia battle back in August. She bravely took to social media to share her story. Fans wishing to see more of Ireland should follow her Instagram.