‘Do The Harlem Shake’ Search Gets YouTube Shaking

miami heat

Anyone can do the Harlem Shake. Even YouTube. The viral craze has been recreated by everyone from the Miami Heat to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models, and now YouTube, the host of most of these videos, has released it’s own version of the dance.

Google added a little Easter egg to YouTube today.

If you go to the video website and search for “Do The Harlem Shake” you’ll see YouTube do its own version of the viral dance. If that’s too complicated for you, the Social News Daily has a two step video tutorial on how to see Google’s hidden Harlem Shake.

Of course, this isn’t the only time that Google has hidden an Easter egg into one of its search engines. The company has become famous for its little internet gems. If you know the right search, you can make Google do a barrel roll, value a celebrity’s Bacon number, play a game of Zerg rush, or draw a map to Mordor.

Now that YouTube has done its viral dance maybe it’s time to retire the Harlem Shake.

What do you think? Are you sick of these viral videos? Is it time for the next internet craze?


How about gallon smashing!? No, please. Please don’t let it be gallon smashing.