Did Stassi Schroeder Quit 'Vanderpump Rules' During The Reunion?

Stassi Schroeder appeared at the Vanderpump Rules season three reunion, but she was only seen briefly. So, is this the end of her reality TV run?

Although Stassi Schroeder hasn't confirmed her exit from the show quite yet, many have speculated that she could announce her departure on tonight's reunion special.

On March 8, Classicalite claimed filming on the show had been "traumatic" for Schroeder, and noted Andy Cohen's recent quote, which stated, as the Inquisitr reported, that he would not be surprised if she called it quits.

During a segment of his web series, Ask Andy, Cohen was asked about the possibility of Stassi Schroeder leaving Vanderpump Rules.

"I don't know… Would I be surprised if she left? No… I think she was kinda done [by the end of the reunion filming]."
Also on March 8, Fashion & Style revealed Stassi Schroeder had become "more and more removed" from the cast every day.

After season two of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder participated in several interviews, during which she seemingly announced she was done with the show. However, she eventually came back to Los Angeles from New York City, and participated in the show's third season in a recurring role.

Since Stassi Schroeder wasn't working at SUR Lounge with the rest of the cast, she wasn't seen nearly as much as she was throughout the first and second seasons. In fact, there were a few season three episodes in which she was not seen at all.

Despite distancing herself from the restaurant, Stassi Schroeder did meet with her former boss, Lisa Vanderpump, a couple of times. Most recently, Vanderpump invited Schroeder to attend the SUR anniversary party, which she did.

At the celebration, Schroeder was seen talking to Vanderpump when her ex-boyfriend, Jax Taylor, walked in. Right away, Schroeder ended their conversation and darted out of the restaurant.

During their first chat, Schroeder spoke to Vanderpump of her ended friendships with nearly everyone at the restaurant, but when Vanderpump suggested she give her former best friend, Katie Maloney, a second chance, Schroeder stormed off.

Last week, in her Bravo blog, Vanderpump opened up about Schroeder's behavior throughout season three.

"I actually have seen a different side of Stassi. I see that there is this kind of nastiness and arrogance that I may have overlooked before, and it doesn't make me happy to see that side of her."
For more Stassi Schroeder, tune into tonight's Vanderpump Rules reunion special at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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