Farrah Abraham’s 4th Of July Daisy Dukes Pic Slammed: ‘At Least You Can Spell ‘Independence,’ Oh Wait’

Farrah Abraham at Crazy Horse 3 on November 15, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Bryan Steffy / Getty Images

Farrah Abraham is getting slammed. The Teen Mom OG star has taken to Instagram to celebrate Independence Day. It looks like she didn’t quite nail the spelling.

Farrah’s July 4 update came with an American geotag and a decidedly American feel. The 28-year-old had updated her account from Galveston, Texas. A still photo edited with video elements showed Farrah on horseback. The mother of one was wearing tiny Daisy Dukes and an ab-flashing crop top in camouflage shades of chocolate. A cowgirl feel came from a frayed and cropped jacket in tans. With the desert setting, horse-centric feature, and Farrah’s caption, the update appeared to see the star embracing her American heritage. Farrah was born in Nebraska.

Farrah looked into the distance as the camera shot her. Her hair was blowing in the wind, and the sun was shining on her.

Fans don’t seem to have taken to the update too well.

“At least you can spell ‘independence’….oh…wait..,” one user wrote.

They weren’t alone in pointing out Farrah’s error. Another fan took to the comments section with the word correctly spelled.

Many fans also appeared to probe Farrah over whether she was in the U.S. The picture of Farrah riding a horse isn’t the first from the star this month. Updates showing Farrah from the same photo shoot have come from Dubai – Farrah has been spending a considerable amount of time in the Middle East of late.

One fan seemed out to slam the entire update – including Farrah’s apparent support for Donald Trump.

“Oh here we go. Donald trump????? And weren’t you just saying you’re moving to Dubai???” they wrote.

Trolling comments also told Farrah to “leave the country.”

This somewhat-disgraced celebrity is subject to a particularly high level of hate over on her Instagram. While many fans take to Farrah’s risqué updates to voice concern for her 10-year-old daughter Sophia, it would seem that the star’s social media has become an outlet for overall hatred.

Farrah rose to fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant before becoming a core member of the Teen Mom OG franchise. Fans watched this young mother raise her daughter single-handedly. With internet-circulated sex tapes and a decidedly adult feel to Farrah’s Instagram, though, Farrah now finds herself frowned upon by many of her followers.

Given that today’s update sent out a decent amount of clothing and what appeared to be a proud caption from an American, it does seem that the slamming comments were a little unfair. That said, Farrah did prove unable to spell the word that her update centered around.

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