Blake Shelton Breaks Down In Tears After Spilling His Vodka In Hilarious New Video

Blake was jokingly left in tears after an attempt at a viral video went wrong.

Blake Shelton performs during the Musicians On Call 20th Anniversary Kickoff Celebration
Terry Wyatt / Getty Images for Musicians On Call

Blake was jokingly left in tears after an attempt at a viral video went wrong.

Blake Shelton broke down in tears in a hilarious new video posted to social media on July 3. The Voice coach decided to take on the viral bottle cap challenge this week, filming himself as he attempted to twist off the cap on his bottle of vodka with nothing but a high kick.

However, the country star’s attempt at the latest trend that’s been doing the rounds on social media didn’t exactly go too well – and left a playful Blake in tears.

Instead of twisting off the cap with just his foot, Shelton – who kept things casual in a navy blue button-down and a pair of distressed blue jeans – actually ended up kicking the alcohol bottle over, seemingly spilling the drink all over the floor in the process.

The “God’s Country” singer then feigned his disappointment, jokingly crying and running away while cradling the bottle in his arms, as People noted.

“Oh God,” he could be heard saying in the video as the bottle fell to the ground before running over to the fallen drink. “What have I done? What have I done? I’m sorry Smithworks!”

The vodka bottle was actually one from the line he represents, Smithworks Vodka, which he often promotes on social media.

Fans were clearly loving Shelton’s latest hilarious social media upload.

Many of the star’s followers responded after seeing him kicking down the bottle. A number of Twitter users shared GIFs and comments involving the country star’s girlfriend Gwen Stefani, who The Inquisitr reported Blake recently shared his true thoughts on her replacing Adam Levine on The Voice’s upcoming Season 17.

Shelton’s not exactly been shy about his love of alcohol in the past, even admitting earlier this year that he sometimes has a swig of vodka while working on The Voice.

Posting a video of himself mixing a drink in his trailer before heading to the set of the NBC show, The Inquisitr reported that the singer told fans, “One of the number one question I get asked every week is, ‘What are you drinking on the show? You got your cup there, you’re always drinking it.’ I’m tired of the question. I’m just gonna show you what I’m drinking.”

He then grabbed a handful of ice and poured himself a vodka and sprite on the rocks.

“Of course I’m drinking alcohol on the show while I’m working,” Blake said while in his trailer, urging everyone to “Get over it.”

He later joked about drinking on the job again, as The Inquisitr reported that he admitted he had to have a “strong one” to “emotionally endure” the ups and downs of the singing competition.