‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Friz Wedding Reception Brings Plenty Of Romance, Twists, And A Surprise Guest

Get ready for the celebration of the year that Friz fans have been waiting for.

General Hospital stars Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth.
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Get ready for the celebration of the year that Friz fans have been waiting for.

There is a brand new General Hospital preview that fans have been eagerly waiting for. Elizabeth and Franco already wed while he was sitting in a jail cell weeks ago. Now is their time to celebrate with their loved ones. The wedding reception is coming up next week on the ABC soap, and it is expected to be full of a few surprises. There are now some details that can be seen in the preview posted on Thursday.

General Hospital tweeted out a clip on Twitter that reveals some interesting tidbits that will be happening at the Friz wedding reception. The guest list includes Bobbie, Scott, Laura, Kevin, Kim, Julian, Drew, Nina, Jax, Liesl, Curtis, Jordan, Stella, Finn, and teens Joss and Trina. There is also one more person who is definitely not on the guest list. The return of Hayden Barnes is expected to be the big story of the summer.

Although her face isn’t seen in the preview clip, it does show a female walking into the reception, and Liz has a shocked look on her face. All hints lead up to her sister showing up unexpectedly to the celebration. Get ready for Finn’s reaction when Hayden casually walks in.

Franco has gained a family by marrying Liz. Despite the struggles he has faced, especially with Cameron, Franco has embraced fatherhood proudly. His stepsons will be taking the stage at the reception with Cameron singing a special song dedicated to his mom and new stepdad. Fans will love all three of the Webber boys together as well. Jake and Aiden will accompany their big brother on stage as he sings what will most likely be an original song written by young actor William Lipton.

Will there be another twist during the celebration on the Haunted Star? Bobbie is seen looking through the ship’s porthole with a disturbed look on her face. Will she overhear something she shouldn’t have?

You can also see that somehow Liesl Obrecht ends up falling overboard into the water. She may just slip and fall, but it almost looks like she has been pushed by someone. Brad is also in attendance, so there is a possibility that he and Julian will have another chat about Wiley. Obrecht knows the secret about the baby swap. Does her accident have anything to do with that? General Hospital spoilers did say that Julian will do anything to keep his family safe.

Another interesting thing that can be seen in the preview is that Cameron appears to have Trina by his side, not Josslyn. Could he end up taking Trina as his date? He asked Joss to go with him on Wednesday’s episode, but something could happen to deter her from saying yes. Or could the preview just be teasing fans that Cam and Trina are together on a date?

In addition to all of the twists and turns that are bound to happen, there will be plenty of love and romance between the newlyweds. Liz and Franco are in love and ready to continue their life together as husband and wife with their boys.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.