Alessandra Ambrosio Goes Nude & Exposes Bare Booty While Holding A Giant American Flag

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Alessandra Ambrosio is still looking as incredible as ever at 38-years-old, and her social media fans know it. The model has had an incredibly successful career so far, which is easily reflected in her ten million followers on Instagram. While the model stays busy and keeps everyone updated with a steady stream of photos, there are also others that have been sharing amazing images of the model. This includes the photographer behind the Angels photobooks, Russell James. His newest update was a sneak peek of what’s inside the book, and it was a fitting one, considering it’s July 4th tomorrow.

In the photo, Alessandra was seen going fully nude save for thigh-high boots. The stiletto boots were shiny and black. She stood on a cement wall with her back to the camera, and looked over her left shoulder. She held a massive American flag with her hands, which waved in the air above her. The picture, while amazing, is too NSFW to share here, but you can see it on Russell’s Instagram page.

Meanwhile, Ambrosio has been sharing photos of her various outfits lately. Her newest post showed her in a white, ruffled dress that had a high neckline. It seemed to be inspired by Victorian-era dresses, but with a modern twist. The dress had long sleeves and a layered ruffle skirt. The model cinched her waist with an oversized belt, which was hard to miss with its equally oversized belt buckle.

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Many of Ambrosio’s fans know that she seems to look just about perfect all the time, and part of it is attributable to her amazing hair. She previously shared some of her beauty secrets with Fashion Quarterly.

“Colourists are very important as I rely on their professional experience and expertise to make sure that the colour I want becomes reality. For both colourists and hairstylists, dialogue and listening are key. Whether you want a colour, a styling or a haircare treatment, you can be sure that you’ll get personalized attention and service in a salon. You can’t replace that!”

In addition, Ambrosio also shared the best advice she’d received from a colorist or hairdresser.

“A hairdresser once gave me this advice: Don’t blow-dry your hair on your day off! As a model my hair is always blow-dried, curled, restyled several times on a shoot…”

Of course, unless you’re a model, you likely don’t have to deal with having your hair overstyled. However, it’s a good reminder that it takes effort to keep your hair in the best shape possible.