Miley Cyrus’ Transgender Wheelchair Pic Takes Unexpected Turn: ‘Thought It Was Kevin Hart’

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Miley Cyrus’ recent Instagram pictures have been heavily focused on the singer’s latest track “Mother’s Daughter,” which now has a music video and all the media focus in the world. The 26-year-old has shown her own face for the song’s promo over on her Instagram. She has, however, also included various individuals featuring in the video.

A picture posted to Miley’s account yesterday showed Aaron Philip. Aaron’s powerful picture showed an individual who is in a wheelchair due to a disability. The eye-catching and ultimately very beautiful snap came complete with a moving caption from Aaron.

Instagram can always be relied on for a little humor. While responses to Miley’s “Mother’s Daughter” pictures have seen the platform either moved or enraged (due to sex themes), replies to Aaron’s picture have included some more light-hearted themes.

“Thought it was kevin hart lmao” proved staggeringly popular with over 480 likes.

The comment also launched over 31 replies.

“Haha.. me too!” one fan responded.

Another used appeared to agree, per their comment.

“Omg me too. That’s so bad. But such [sic] resemblance.”

Other users responding to mentions of the famous comedian mostly seemed amused. They did, however, appear to agree with the fan who felt guilty with their words. The update was, after all, centering around equality and acceptance.

Other much-liked comments sent out love to Miley and Aaron. Instagram appeared especially moved by this update. The singer was praised for the inclusive nature of the picture alongside raising awareness for the struggles faced by the LGBTQ community. Freedom of sexuality is an issue that Miley is hugely passionate about. This star’s progressive and modern-day mentality is known for its advocacy of gay rights, and fans are likely aware that Miley’s egalitarian viewpoint extends across the spectrum.

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SHE IS COMING has proven somewhat groundbreaking. The album’s “Mother’s Daughter” track has already been called “the ultimate feminist anthem” by Seventeen. With themes of empowerment that include a breastfeeding woman and a medically obese individual, this video may prove shocking, but it’s got Miley written all over it. The singer’s passion for putting an end to discrimination is evident throughout the footage.

While “Mother’s Daughter” has raised a few eyebrows for its raunchy nature, it appears to have been well-received overall. Clearly, given yesterday’s post, Aaron Philip has a famous lookalike.

The update itself received over 600,000 likes. Over 2,700 fans took to the comments section.

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