Miley Cyrus’ Scarred Panties Pic Moves Instagram To Tears: ‘This Is My Truth’

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Miley Cyrus is making major headlines right now. The SHE IS COMING singer released the music video for the album’s “Mother’s Daughter” track yesterday. The video’s acceptance-based themes have sparked outrage on account of their highly sexualized themes, but not everything is being slammed.

Miley has been taking to Instagram to promote the video. While some images sent the 26-year-old out herself, others focused on the video’s various individuals – they included a medically obese woman and a person in a wheelchair.

On July 3, Miley updated her account. The picture showed a woman’s body shot close-up. The unidentified female was wearing heart-print underwear. The image wasn’t about the lingerie briefs, though. Metallic and staple-like scars that resembled those after a c-section were visible across the woman’s waist. The image was making a statement as the woman posed with her hands on her hips.

Fans have been taking to the comments section with full force. Many seemed visibly moved by what they were seeing.

Racking up over 720 likes in less than one hour, the most popular comment voiced affirmative praise.

“Thisssss right here..So many people have been rude and ignorant towards me so many times stating that I didn’t really give birth because I had C-sections”

Hashtags of “csectionbirth,” “imarealmom,” and “thisismytruth” were then used.

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Beautiful ???? Mother’s Daughter video out now!

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Likewise popular was a comment from a woman who had undergone the surgery. They wrote that their scarring had crushed their confidence before adding their thoughts on the video.

“Watching this video and feeling the empowerment through the song I feel more powerful as a woman. Thank you for that,” they wrote.

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????#MothersDaughterVideo link in bio ????

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Many responses were left to the most-liked comments. Fans stated that the video and picture had made them cry. Miley herself is seen with tears rolling down her cheeks in the video.

“Thank you for this. Cesarean section scars are beautiful. All bodies are beautiful” was one comment.

As women took to the comments section by the masses, it did seem that Miley had struck a chord. Fans appearing to be female told their stories of undergoing c-sections. This method of delivery might be commonplace, but the resulting scarring is less spoken of. Likewise the damage it can do to a woman’s confidence.

Miley’s update today proved popular overall. It had racked up over 320,000 likes within two hours of going live. The same time frame brought over 1,400 fans into the comments section. The picture was also liked by Sweetener singer Ariana Grande and YouTuber Hannah Stocking. Fans wishing to see more Miley should follow her Instagram.