Kim Goldman Celebrates Her Late Brother In A Poignant Post

Issac Brekken-PoolGetty Images

On Tuesday, Kim Goldman celebrated what would have been her late brother Ron Goldman’s 51st birthday with a poignant post on Instagram.

As reported by Inside Edition, Goldman composed a powerful letter alongside a baby photo of Ron. In the post, she denotes her everlasting love for her brother.

“…Insane to think about all of the years lost, absolutely breaks my heart. The what-if’s torture my spirit, so instead I will focus on your smile, your zest for life, your kindness, the memories of us growing up, our talks, our laughs, our tears… I will focus on the tremendous adoration and respect I have for you and I will hold on dearly to the memory of what your hugs felt like, cuz I sure could use one,” wrote Kim.

In 1994, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson were murdered in Simpson’s Los Angeles home. What commenced was a messy legal battle deemed the trial of the century. Nicole’s ex-husband, famed football star O.J. Simpson went on trial for the double murder but was later acquitted.

Despite the acquittal, both of the victims’ families were awarded $8.5 million in a 1997 civil trial where Simpson was found liable for the deaths.

Kim Goldman appears in court during the 2008 sentencing of O.J. Simpson.Featured image credit: Ethan MillerGetty Images

According to AP News, the Goldman family have acquired the rights to many of Simpson’s assets, including memorabilia and the book he wrote titled If I Did It. Kim ended up publishing the book, with added commentary and changing the title to Confessions of the Killer.

This June, Kim spoke to ABC News on the 25th anniversary of the crime.

In the interview, Kim revealed her father, Fred Goldman, was the one who told her about her brother’s death.

“I remember falling to the ground, screaming and crying,” Kim recalled.

Goldman recounted visiting her brother’s grave after Simpson’s not guilty verdict.

“I feel like I needed to tell him what happened,” Goldman explained.

Kim continues to honor her brother’s legacy in her podcast Confronting: O.J. Simpson. Feeling frustrated with the numerous depictions of the case, including the 2016 series The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Goldman felt it was important to interview direct sources. For the podcast, Kim has interviewed jurors from the trial and notable members in the case.

In the podcast, Goldman revealed she encountered O.J. Simpson in a parking lot a few years after the trial. For a fleeting moment, Goldman considered running Simpson over with her car.

Confronting: O.J. Simpson can be downloaded on the Apple Podcast app.