Stana Katic Announces Season 3 Of ‘Absentia’ On Instagram

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Absentia star Stana Katic announced that there will be a Season 3 of the popular mystery thriller, with an Instagram post that seemingly shows a handful of scripts from the upcoming third season.

Fans of the popular Amazon Prime series have been pretty sure for some time that the show would be coming back, but had lacked anything in the way of direct confirmation. Deadline writer Nellie Andreeva reported on Tuesday that unnamed sources close to her had confirmed that Amazon was going to renew the show for Season 3.

“I hear the series is already gearing up to begin production on Season 3 in Bulgaria where the first two seasons were also shot,” Andreeva wrote.

Then, late on Tuesday, Katic, who is one of the executive producers of the show, seemingly confirmed the renewal with her Instagram post.

At this point it bears noting that, as of this writing, Amazon has not yet officially confirmed or denied that there will be a third season of Absentia. However, actors and other people affiliated with TV shows often sign non-disclosure agreements, preventing them from revealing anything about their projects without their bosses’ permission. Since Katic went ahead and posted the news on her social media account, it stands to reason that her bosses at Amazon approved her way of announcing the third season. What’s more, Katic is an executive producer of the show, so if anyone has permission to reveal renewals, it’s her.

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Just gonna leave this here... #WritersRoom

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Note in the photo above that Katic took great care to make sure the documents, which are most likely Season 3 scripts, are covered. If there’s anything the internet loves doing, it’s taking photos and analyzing every last pixel for anything that could be considered a spoiler. So good on her for covering what may very well be the titles of upcoming episodes.

For those not familiar, Absentia, which originally aired on Sony’s subscription service AXN before being picked up by Amazon Prime, tells the story of FBI Agent Emily Byrne (Katic), who went missing and was declared dead in absentia. Six years later, she’s found in a remote cabin, barely alive and with no memories of what happened. What’s more, the dynamic of her family has changed drastically (saying any more would reveal some major spoilers), and she finds herself implicated in a series of murders.

It remains unclear, as of this writing, when Season 3 of Absentia will arrive on Amazon Prime.