Marvin Gaye Seduces Panda’s At Edinburgh Zoo

Yang Guang At Edinburgh Zoo with Marvin Gaye

How do you get Panda’s in the mood for some sweet lovemaking? If you are the zookeepers at the Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland, you play songs by Marvin Gaye.

Female panda’s are incredibly hard to breed because they are only fertile for two days out of the year. Realizing the problems associated with “getting female Panda’s in the mood,” the team decided to try a different approach.

Typically the zoo plays the Classic FM radio station, which offers mainstream songs. However, workers recently decided to change over to Smooth radio, an easy listening station.

According to The Mirror the Smooth radio station heard about the change and decided to throw in a daily dose of Marvin Gay’s “Let’s Get It On” and other similar songs. The station hopes that its song selections will get female Panda Yang Guang to take a hint.

Wanting to continue its partnership with the zoo, the radio station is now taking a daily song request from the animal-based organization.

While Edinburgh Zoo officials admit they have no idea what goes on inside a Panda’s head, they also say the Smooth jams appear to be relaxing the zoo’s female panda.

Marvin Gaye is not the only method being used by workers. They are also providing Yang Guang with more exercise, feeding her more bamboo and providing her with mood lighting.


There is big hopes being placed on Yang Guang and her partner Tian Tian. Last year, zoo officials said the panda couple showed affection towards one another but ultimately failed to mate.

Mood lighting, Marvin Gaye on the radio, special treats — There are probably some jealous human females out there wondering why they aren’t treated like female pandas.