Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Fans Claim Actress Is An ‘Extortionist’ After Wellness Summit Goes Awry

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Fans of Gwyneth Paltrow called the actress an “extortionist” after attending a wellness summit in London. Attendees claimed they were “subjected” to a weekend where they were pitched Goop products and the actress did not attend all the events as promised. The London wellness summit attendees were charged $5,700 to attend, per a scathing report by Page Six.

The publication reported that an attendee claimed a prominent British guest was so “appalled” by the aggressive push for Goop products and services that she reportedly sent a WhatsApp message to fellow attendees saying, “GP [what the Goop community calls Paltrow] is a f** king extortionist.”

The attendees, according to Page Six, were urged to book their rooms for the event through Goop at the whopping cost of $1,300 for two nights at the Kimpton Fitzroy London Hotel. Fans claim that the true rates for the hotel are normally $250 a night. The rooms, booked through Goop, were suites that included a gluten-free breakfast, noted Page Six.

The publication also spoke to another frustrated attendee who claimed that the actress “pretends to be a health goddess” but in reality felt that she was “greedy” and “unapproachable.” During her appearances at the event, the Oscar-winning actress offered tips and tricks to live the Goop lifestyle, which promotes health, wellness, and mindful living.

The Irish Sun reported that this is not the first time Paltrow and her Goop brand have come under fire. The newspaper reported that the brand was fined $140,000 for making unsubstantiated claims about the benefits of a $66 jade vagina egg last year. The egg was claimed to balance your hormones, regulate your menstrual cycle, or help with bladder control. Goop also claimed their Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend, a blend of essential oils meant to be taken orally or added to bathwater, could help prevent depression.

The company had to pay up the fines and reword the claims of the products, which are still for sale on its official site.

The official County of Santa Clara Office of the District Attorney’s website released a statement which said that the health and money of Santa Clara County residents should never be put at risk by what they claimed is “misleading advertising.”

District Attorney Jeff Rosen further explained the ruling by stating that the county would vigilantly protect consumers against companies that promise health benefits without the support of “good science…or any science.”

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