Demi Lovato Expresses Love For ‘Bachelorette’ Castoff Mike Johnson After Hannah Brown Cuts Him Loose

Timothy HiattGetty Images for iHeartMedia

The Bachelorette contestant Mike Johnson didn’t walk away with Hannah Brown’s final rose this summer, but he does seem to have left the show with a sizable fanbase. It became clear this week that singer Demi Lovato may well be one of his biggest fans.

The latest episode of The Bachelorette showed Hannah deciding to eliminate Mike during a one-on-one date. The decision left fans heartbroken, and it appears that Demi was right there with them. As People details, Lovato has shown her love for Johnson since the season started.

Lovato reportedly swooned over Johnson in some of her Instagram stories on Monday night, noting in one shot that she would accept his rose. After Monday’s episode, and Mike’s elimination, the Bachelorette contestant took to his Twitter page to note how he’s still looking for his future wife.

Mike’s tweet received nearly 24,000 likes, along with almost 1,000 retweets and more than 800 comments. The Bachelorette viewers have loved Johnson since the premiere, and many are campaigning for him to be the next Bachelor lead. Fans were swooning over him for themselves, but more than a few noted Demi’s love for him as well.

Not only was Lovato showing her love for Johnson via her Instagram stories on Monday night, but it also seems she commented on Mike’s Instagram post after his Bachelorette elimination as well.

Demi noted that she’s “RIGHT HERE MIKE” and called him “BOO,” adding that her mom loves him, too. Many fans tagged Lovato in their comments, encouraging Mike to reach out to the singer, and there is no doubt that Bachelorette fans would go absolutely wild if the two did connect.

What comes next for Mike now that he’s officially wrapped up his stint on The Bachelorette? Spoilers have detailed that he doesn’t seem to be a part of the Season 6 Bachelor in Paradise cast, news that will surely leave his fans disappointed.

ABC won’t be announcing the pick for the 2020 season Bachelor lead until late August or early September, and Mike’s fans will surely continue to campaign for Johnson to get the gig. Unfortunately, he is not necessarily the most likely network pick since he didn’t finish as one of Hannah’s top four men. However, Brown herself is an example of how finishing in that top group isn’t always an absolute requirement.

If Mike Johnson were to become The Bachelor lead, he would be the first black man in that role. The only other black franchise lead was Rachel Lindsay for her Bachelorette season a couple of years ago, and she’s slated to marry her final rose recipient, Bryan Abasolo, in August. Many Bachelorette viewers seem to think that Mike is the perfect choice to hand out the roses this winter – that is, if he’s not dating Demi Lovato before then!